Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I've been feeling a bit cranky today. I think it's because of the coffee incident this morning. I am happy to report that my buckwheat hulls are safely back in my pillow case and I took a nice hot shower and sitting in my flannel dinosaur nightgown seems to be doing the trick of making me feel better.

I'm working on my application for Skowhegan. It's a residency program in Maine... The chances of me getting in are slim, but I guess you never know unless you try. Right? I better get back to it then. OOOh. I'm getting my brows waxed tomorrow that will be nice.

You know it's not going to be a good day when...

You try to put your french press on the window ledge and manage to place it on it's side.

Tonight I will be washing pillows and sheets... I had to dump out my buckwheat pillow because it got all wet.. hopefully the hulls didn't get too wet so I can refill it once I wash the case.

It's days like these I wish I had a bigger apartment with a coffee table.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

In short...

Good Advising, Good class, very tired.... six men have looked at my personals profile I put up a few days ago...
More on that later.

Bad Posting Day.

I had a nice post this morning but then my computer froze.

I guess you'll just have to imagine what it was like... it had something to do with it being cold, advising with e-roth, my lack of hot water when I take a shower in the morning and my class tonight. oh and getting plane tickets to New York.

Monday, January 29, 2007

My Studio Vibrates.

I'm serious!
I sit here in my studio and the floor vibrates. It feels like some big ass moster is walking down the hallway!

It's a good thing I don't get queasy.

Here's Luigi again!


I have cramps... I know that's probably not the first thing you wanted to read but it's the first thing on my mind. They woke me up this morning.

Today I am going to the studio to show Carmina how to cast plaster hands. I should get going so I can get the wax heated up. It's sort of like dipping a candle - you dip your hand in the hot wax and then in water, you repeat this until you build up a shell around your hand, wait for it to cool down a bit and then pull out your hand. Later you fill it with plaster and once it's hard you peel off the wax.

Okay, the lesson is over.

Today I think I'm going to break out the Credit Card and buy a plane ticket to New York... I have to get my crap together for CAA.

Sunday, January 28, 2007


I was a vegetable yesterday. I didn't do much after going to my meeting in the morning. I did go to an opening (event?) at Mess Hall that my friend Julie had. The works presented had to do with communication and interaction... I had written conversations with people... it's interesting writing instead of speaking... You are more likely to say things than you would if you had to actually speak to people. Did that make sense?

Okay, today I think I'll go to the studio and maybe make some molds of my feet. My horoscope says I shouldn't go shopping - that's good becasue I don't have any money to buy anything.

In just a few short months I'll be done with my education... did I ever think that I would have this sort of degree back when I was working at Focus Hair Salon or Red Robbin?? No. Why am I talking about this? I'm thing about all that money I have to pay back. yikes. But I have no regrets... this is what I wanted to do.

I should clean my apartment today. It's a bit messy...

Oh, yesterday was Grant's birthday. I sang to him on the phone...and sent him an e-card. I was lame and forgot to send him a real card. I'm a bad Sister-in-law.

Saturday, January 27, 2007


When I was saying the Dick Buttons reminded me of my Dad a bit I didn't mean that he makes inane comments... I don't know what I meant... my Dad sort of looks like him...

Okay I should just stop now.

Oh Dick Button, how I've missed you!

I'm watching the Ladies US Figure skating championships and I have missed the inane commentary of Dick Button. He sort of reminds me of my dad a bit. He's not being as negative as he was during the Olympics - maybe they've adjusted his medication.

Cooking lesson number one.

Don't leave your cabinet door open so that you hit your head on the corner.


Scaffolding from Florence.

This scaffolding was on Santa Croce in Florence. They have a School of Leather there too. I bought a coin purse there. Hmm. leather.

Friday, January 26, 2007

More Good News.

I did do laundry last night and I did manage to get on my jeans this morning even with long underwear underneath! Yay. I am in a better mood!

Good News.

This morning the scale has headed down a bit. That's good.

I haven't been up this early in a long time - at least not intentionally up this early.. okay not since I last saw Luigi but that was in Florence so taking into account the time difference etc... I'm still not up that early!

I better move.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Words that sound obscene but aren't ...

Here's a few...

I'm sure there's more but I can't think of them at the moment.

It's like the most beautiful sounding words are associated with not so savory things...

Then there's the word pupa...


I am feeling a bit better now. Still not 100 percent. It was good working today... it will be nice to have some income coming in again (even if it's not much).

Now if only I could get someone to buy my artwork for a million dollars.

Another Day.

Okay, after nine and a half hours of sleep it is a new day. It's too early to tell if the mood is better. My coffee tastes better this morning - and I have to work so that will make me get off my butt and do something.

I WILL do laundry today. Even if it means I have to wear stretchy clothes for the next few weeks. I WILL get back on track. I won't buy junk food (I don't have any money to spend on it).

Hell, I might even break out the curling iron... I looked at lipstick at Sephora yesterday but it was too expensive - I guess I just have to pass on the pouty Angelina Jolie lips.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Dreamgirls was pretty good. Not as good as Little Miss Sunshine or The Queen, but it was good. I'm still feeling pretty stinky but hopefully tomorrow will be better. I may go to bed soon so tomorrow will be here before you know it.

I should do laundry, I'm running out of fat pants.

In order to feel better.

I am taking myself out on a date to see Dreamgirls. I'm going to have popcorn too.
Hopefully this will help do the trick (of getting the funk out of me).


I'm putting together a playlist on iTunes called "depressed but going to be okay mix" I know it will be okay but I'm on the verge of tears today for some reason. I went to a WW meeting this morning where it was said that this week is the hardest for people because of the weather, post holiday let down, just general blahs. I agree.

La Muca

That's Italian for the cow. That's how I'm feeling right now. I know I'll get over it, I always do... I just have to buckle down. I wish it were sunny so I could go out and run (yeah, I said run). I'm feeling large and inactive. I miss having a gym to work out in, I miss my dog, I miss my chiropractor.

Okay I have to stop. On a bright side. I am going to be working at an At Work Weight Watchers meeting a few blocks from my studio. It's at a law firm... who knows maybe I meet some cute single attorneys??? Okay, I know they (Attorneys) are usually too busy to have a social life - but there may be a rare case??? I start that tomorrow.

I have to get my act together and buy a plane ticket to New York for the CAA Conference. I just wish I had some money to buy one.

On the Today Show they are talking about mattresses that cost almost 50,000 dollars yikes - I need to find people who are buying them and let them finance my Grad school education.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Fat Cow

I feel huge. I feel old. Blah.

Okay, on a brighter note, the nominations for the Academy Awards will be revealed this morning. I'm psyched. Maybe I'll even go see some movies that are nominated. I saw the Queen on the airplane (I give it a thumbs up).

I think I might color my hair before they read the nominations. I better get cracking!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Seriously now...

I need to get back on the wagon. Both with food and drink... I'm not doing what I'd like.... I think I might go to Stanley's on the way home tonight. I will have my U-Pass so I can traipse all over the city via public transportation. If I set myself up with good things to eat I think I'll be headed in the right direction.

Last night Jefferson called and I met Him, Jeroen, Gillian, Karolina, Dan a Zak at Friar Tuck's. We had beer and popcorn and played a game called two truths and a lie. You learn some interesting things about people with that game - but nothing I can share here.

Today I'm going to School to pick up the u pass and drop off forms for Financial Aid and then work in the studio (hopefully). At least that's the plan. I should do dishes and laundry as well. I haven't cleaned up at all since my return on Friday and it's looking scary!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Secretly I'm Hoping...

That the Bears lose today. Right now they're ahead 9 nothing. Oh well, a girl can dream.

In the post "Troppo Birre Ieri Sera" I mentioned that I had too much beer... it was only later that I was reminded of the fact that the bartender at the wine bar gave us tequila shots on the way out (two of them I seem to recall)... that's why I was feeling it the next day. As I was saying earlier though I have no regrets - even that.


I realized looking over some of my recent posts I have been slacking on my spelling. In my own defense I have to say the new version of blogger does not spell check the way it used to... I guess I'll just have to bee more vigilant.

Yesterday I ended up going to Argo Tea to post photos and update my iTunes... then I came back home and prepared myself some dinner... I got into trouble with the chocolate I bought at the duty free shop in Milan. I guess I'll just have to get back on track today. I went to bed at 8 and slept another 10 hour night. I'm almost feeling normal.

I think I should go out today and see what's shaking in my world. The ads in this mornings paper were less than exciting... and I'm not interested in watching the Bears game (not since they knocked out the Seawhawks...).

I have downloaded some applications for shows and residencies that I might fancy to apply for... maybe I'll do that. I don't know.

Well I better get going. I can only sit around for so long.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Selected images

The first image is of an outdoor antique market in Florence. The second is a picture from the airplane of the exercise video Alitalia shows on how to reduce the risk of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis).

Pisa and a person trying to hold the tower up.

A Little Less Loopy!

Okay, I'm feeling a little better this morning. I held out until about a quarter to 7 last night and then I was out. I did manage to clean out my kitchen cabinet (I found a bug- ick), take a bath and have my last bad thing before I passed out. It was one of those things where you don't even drift into sleep, you're just out. End of Story.

This morning I was up around 5:15, I went to my Weight Watchers meeting and then walked to the grocery store to equip myself to get back on track. I weighed myself on my own scale this moring and it says I'm up 1.2 pounds. I'm okay with that because I did enjoy everything I ate and I have no regrets... well I take that back, I regret not having more gelato. At least my pants still fit - they're just a little tighter.

On the agenda today I think I will try to do some laundry and organize things. I'm feeling a bit run down and just need to get a bit back to normal. I can actually say I'm glad to be back in Chicago. It's been a very long five weeks with trips to Seattle and Italy and running around I am looking forward to getting back to work in my studio. I think I'll need to let things process before I can start making work about my time in Florence (if in fact I decide to make work about it...).

I am going to try and post more pictures from my trip but I need to wait until I get someplace with wifi. It's a little slow posting photos with dial up.

I'll check back later.

Friday, January 19, 2007


This is a picture I took this morning as we were leaving. I'm sure it's exactly as you imagined... okay maybe not, but he was cute and very nice.

I'm Back!

Here is the last part of my blogless blogging while in Italy. I've been home for about an hour and I'm coming up on 20 hours without sleep (on three hours I got last night). Please excuse any typos, I don't have the energy to fix them.

I will be posting a picture of Luigi right now!

1/16/07 5:20pm FIT
I am a bad woman. No I take that back… I am just thrifty and I get into trouble sometimes.

I’ve been shopping at the grocery store here and storing things out on the window ledge of my room. I bought a nice mixed salad last night but ended up going out to dinner so I put it on my ledge (on a bit of a tilt). When I came back tonight it was gone. Hopefully someone just took it off the ledge and it didn’t take a dive bomb onto someone’s head down below. The window overlooks a courtyard that they get deliveries in, Hopefully it didn’t hit on a seam and send arugula, corn and olives all over the place… I guess this means I have to go out to get something for dinner.

Today we climbed up to the top of the duomo. My firm bun and thigh campaign paid off, I only hurt a little bit – I’ll let you all know tomorrow how I “really” am.

Rumor has it that I want to F%@# Luigi. I love being subject to rumors… I just referred to him as my future husband… those of you who know me well know that I say that about a lot of people. Like the game of telephone things get blown out of proportion – let people think what they want, it makes me seem more interesting (or slutty!).

10:45 FIT Tonight I had dinner at the Osteria del Cinghiale Bianco (the white wild boar) with a few of the other girls. The food was really good, I had pappadelle pasta with wild boar sauce and fried artichokes. For desert I had cream puffs with marscapone and chocolate sauce. The food was great the service was a bit sketchy. Not sketchy in that it was bad, but we had some cute young girls at our table (I being 20 years older than the youngest) and the young Italian waiters were acting inappropriately with them. Being friendly is nice to a point but when you start rubbing up against someone that’s just disgusting. I can just imagine what those waiters will be fantasizing about the next time they jack off.

I think I need to take a shower to clean off the filth.

1/17/07 9:40pm FIT
Today we went to Chianti for a tour of some wineries and a group lunch. I bought some Grappa to bring back for the Fibers posse… they’ll like it a lot.

Tonight Carmina and I went back to Casalinga for dinner. I had minestrone di faro (yummy de yum yum) and the spaghetti al pesto (again)… and to top it off tiramisu (again). As I’ve said before I will need a serious intervention when I get home. I am happy to report that I have no regrets but I’m a bit afraid to see how much weight I’ve gained. The great thing about weight watchers is that it works – I just have to follow the program and I will lose the weight.

Tomorrow is our last full day and I have a few things to do. First off I have to buy another suitcase to take back with me. Then I’m planning on doing some research about the paper I’m writing, it’s going to be about the Della Robbia family and their glazed terra cotta work. I will go to the Ospedalle della Innocenti (I think that’s it but I don’t want to look it up for the right spelling.). Tomorrow I would also like to buy either some boots or a purse of some sort… I am in leather country and haven’t bought any yet.

After that we have our last group dinner (I promise to take it slow) and then we leave the next morning at 4:45 in the morning to fly back to Chicago.

I’ll try to write tomorrow night but I can’t promise anything… if not then it will be on Friday or Saturday from the windy city.

1/18/07 FIT
So I am double posting here… there’s a group from Pacific Lutheran University here at the hotel. A few of them were a bit drunk when they came in tonight. Yeah Washington – way to represent! I think the drunk ones are in the room upstairs from me, if I don’t get any sleep I’ll be cranky.

Well I better sign out. Luigi is here tonight for my final hurrah. Hurrah! Maybe I’ll come back someday and he’ll show me the town. We can ride off on his motorcycle with me in my new leather jacket (now I’m just assuming that he owns a motorcycle… I really doubt that he does.) but it’s a nice visual.

1/19/07 (somewhere over the Atlantic ocean)
Yes, right now I’m on the airplane. I’ve only been up 14 hours (on about three hours sleep) and I’m going to try to stay awake until at least 7pm tonight (that’s 8 more hours if you’re counting).

My future husband Luigi made us breakfast this morning at 4:15 am. What a guy – he even let me take pictures of him. He said he looked horrible, but I think he’s kind of cute.

At the duty free shop in Milan I bought some chocolate (okay, by some I mean a butt load). My laptop battery is not going to last long - it says 25 minutes but I’m guessing more like five so this might be short.

Tonight I’m going to try to take a bath with a bath bomb and sleep long and hard and have dreams about the Italian countryside (with Luigi on his motorcycle).

On the plane we watched the Queen and the Illusionist with Ed Norton (he’s another one I wouldn’t kick out of bed) HELLO! Both good movies… I’m now sort of watching an Italian movie called le Chiave di Casa (the key the house roughly translated). It’s pretty good from what I can tell.

I guess that’s it for now. I think I might try to watch the rest of the movie and eat more chocolate… you know point eaten in between continents don’t count.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

One Word - Leather!

Today I did it. I bought me some leather. What type of leather you might ask? Green and lamb... I have a brand new green laptop case and a new lambskin jacket. People say it's hot. I agree.

I have to be up a little before 4am tomorrow to leave. I guess I better go to bed now.

Talk to you back in Chicago.
Ciao Firenze!

oh yeah, I ate a whole pizza today as well. Yikes.

Luigi's here too... to bad I leave in the morning!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My feet hurt.

More coming... I'm working on another word document to copy and paste all at once. The duomo climb was good but my feet are sore. Maybe I can pay Luigi to rub them tonight.
Heh Heh Heh.

Troppo Birre ieri sera

I think that means too much beer last night... what I mean to say is that the night before last I had too much beer... let's just say that after I posted from the bar I went back again (around 6) and didn't get back until 2:30 in the morning... I did have a good time though so I can't complain.

I think I drank most of my research grant.

This morning we're off to the duomo to climb up in it. Talk to you all later.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Please excuse the hair... It is molto frizzy!

I have finally sucked it up and gone to the bar with wifi. My battery won't last too long but I figured I'd do what I'm can while I'm here.

Things are good, I got 50 euros today for a research grant... do boots qualify as a research grant? I think at least a single boot does!

I think I've gained about ten pounds - even with all the walking around here.

I'll try to post again before I leave florence...if not I will next Saturday when I get back (I actually get back on Friday but I might be out of it.).

Mi piace everyone! that means I like everyone...

As Promised....

Here is my blog via word document... it's kind of long, read it if you want. I will post this and then I will post a few photos as proof that I am actually here.

Buon Giorno! Okay so actually it’s 2am so it is the morning, but not really. I am here in Florence typing in my hotel room – the flights went very well…. I didn’t sleep much hence me being up at 2am. I tried to stay awake last night but I had been up for almost 28 hours and I couldn’t stop the eyelids from closing.

Italy is even better than I remembered it. My first cappuccino was at a bar down the street from the hotel we’re staying in… all that yummy goodness for a euro! My hotel room is small but cozy – I am up at the very tip top (I have to climb about four or five flights of stairs to get there) and I share a common bathroom with two other girls on our trip. Their room has a big queen bed and a big window, I think their room is nice, but compared to some of the other rooms it is very simple. There was some grumbling going on and I guess I don’t blame them… but at my advanced age there are more important things to complain about (finding a good cup of coffee, getting a date…).

Later on this morning there is breakfast! I love food, I love breakfast and I love coffee!!! I am in heaven! We will also be having a lecture on Renaissance history at the Lorenzo de Medici school and then going to the Duomo to spend time in the baptistery. Hopefully there will be time to wander around this afternoon and look at some of the shops… we went on a tour of the city last night and all those shops full of leather! Shoes, jackets, shoes! I just wanted to throw down all those pretty things and roll around naked in them! Sorry if that sparks a bad visual for you.

Tomorrow (today?) Friday the 5th is Stinky’s birthday. I think she’s six… yeah she must be because the last time I was here she would send me letters and I’m sure she must have been more than six months old at the time. If you see her give her a big squeeze for me.

I think I’m going to try to go back to sleep for a while.. if I can get a few more hours then I won’t be dying come this evening.

Friday, January 5th, 5:30 FIT* (*FIT = Florence Italy Time)

I am happy to report that this morning I did manage to go back to sleep for a few hours. Breakfast was terrific. I have pictures and I will post them as soon as I find a computer place with wireless internet. Today was long and it’s not over, well it could be over if I chose to just go to bed now but that’s not wise. I may go to dinner at the Chingale Bianca (White Wild Boar). For lunch today I had a mixed salad and a wood fired pizza with prosciutto and mushrooms. It was alright but I’ve had better. I sure hope all this walking I’m doing counteracts the eating… I also had pistachio gelato this afternoon.

Can I say one word about cramps – suckola. Just what I wanted for my first full day in Italy MENSTURAL CRAMPS! It is not fun… and for all of you there that know the toilets of Europe… enough said.

I supposed there are worse things, I could have the flu or a rash of some sort. I have to look on the bright side. I’M IN ITALY!

Currently I’m listening to my Renaissance CD’s for class. I better focus.

Two Italian men (separately) asked me for directions tonight when I was out looking for food. I couldn’t help them, but it was interesting being asked. I found a grocery store and bought one of my favorite things… limonata. It’s a lemon soda that is very tasty. You can get it in the US but only the San Pellegrino kind which is expensive. I bought the cheap bottle that was .69 cents… I topped that off with a can of tuna and that’s what you call a meal. I think I’m going to just eat a butt load at breakfast and live off the stores until the next day… well, maybe not.

I’m feeling a bit anti social. I get in that spot sometimes… I’m a little too old to hang with the students and a little too young to hang with the professors (not that young though). I bet it will pass… Tomorrow is a free day. I think I will explore and try to find some nice Italian leather boots and toothpaste for my friend Jefferson.

Saturday, 9:53 pm
On the eighth day God created meatballs marinated in a chianti sauce with homemade pasta. And Jen ate it and Jen said it was good… and She can die a happy woman.

Today I went to the Contemporary Art Museum in Prato which is just northwest of Florence. We (Min – a student and I) saw a retrospective of David Tremlett, he’s a British Artist I hadn’t heard of… some interesting, some not so much so.

When we got back into town we watched the La Bafana parade. I took many many photos (over 150) and will post some once I find wifi. I know it’s around but I haven’t had time. Tomorrow we’re off to Pisa for the day.

Right now I am really multitasking – I’m typing, listening to my iPod and watching the Italian version of dancing with the stars. It’s hard to tell who are the stars and who are the dancers… with the exception one guy who is the Jerry Springer of the Italian version
Now I think they’re having a dance off. I sure like the costumes.

Sunday, 11:01pm

Pisa was very nice. I had lasagna at the same place I had it before (in 2002).. I also had gnocci with pesto which was very good. On the ninth day god made gnocci pesto…

Luigi, a guy who works here at the hotel gave me a slice of his pizza tonight while I was waiting down in the lobby to do some research on the computer. I wonder if he’s single??? He is kind of cute in a Bob Hoskins sort of way (but not as old as Bob Hoskins is.).

Tonight I also found a Standa. It’s and Italian grocery store that I like a lot. I bought some prosciutto, salami, peppers, mozzarella and crostini (breadsticks). We had a happy hour sort of time in the room next door. Oh, I also found a 99 cent store (which reminded me of Matt) at which I bought a big-ass Peroni beer for guess???? 99 cents!!! You know how I love cheap beer! Peroni is not the best, but for 99 cents who cares! Maybe tomorrow I’ll find an internet place so I can post all this crap.

And someone tell Jefferson that I haven’t found his toothpaste yet.

1/8/07 11:44pm
I didn’t plan on staying up this late. Today was a yarn and food fest. I found the yarn shop and forked over 75 euros for a lot of pretty things for a scarf… tonight we had a group dinner at a restaurant on the other side of the Arno. Yikes! I must have eaten about a thousand points… artichokes and grana (cheese) spaghetti al pesto and Florentine steak… homemade tiramisu and wine??? I’m still full and it’s been almost three hours.

I found three tubes of toothpaste and I’m still on the lookout for more.

I better go to bed now, tomorrow is another busy day and then Wednesday it’s off to Venice, yay.

1/9/07 9pm
It’s all about me…
Today I bought some goodies. Two nice pashmina scarfs… One is supposed to be cashmere and the other is silk and cashmere… even if they aren’t that’s alright. I can pretend… I also bought a CD called Hot Party – I bought one back in 2002, they’re like the ones in the US (I can’t remember the name of them) but they have all the latest hits some are in Italian and some are in English.

Tomorrow we’re going to Venice so I better get to bed soon. I have to knock on everyone’s door at 7 am in the morning to make sure they’re up. I did find a free wifi place which I will try to go to on Friday if I get a chance. My eyelids are heavy, I better go.

1/10/07 11:44pm
Venice was nice. I would like to go back some day. Highlights were going to the Peggy Guggenheim Collection and seeing the Assumption of the Virgin Mary by Titian. Some of you may know about my early pieces of artwork based on the Assumption. I actually made a copy of the piece (Titians) and pasted it onto a pasticeria plate and added twine, bottle caps and wax to it. I’ll try to find a picture to post.

I also took a few photos of reliquaries for my friend Joanna from Text off the Page. She likes them so I thought I’d share.

Tomorrow it’s San Marco to see the work of Fra Angelico and then to the Academia to see David (the big naked guy!). I’ve been to the Academia before but it will be nice to see everything again.

Tomorrow I promise to post all of this for you all. Hopefully you will read it.
A domani. (that means see you tomorrow – more of less).

1/11/07 so I am lame. I didn’t go to the bar to post. I am feeling really old right now. I miss the days when I thought I had money and I had the energy to go out drinking every night (not that I did that… I chose to drink alone in my room). I just don’t have the energy or the resources to do it. It’s 8:43 and I’m ready to go to bed. I did go to Standa (the supermercati) and bought myself things to make dinner in my room… I had a nice salad with tonno (tuna) and a little sandwich with salami. I also bought more Italian beer – this time it was Moretti which is better than Peroni… I guess it would be about the equivalent of Budweiser.

Today we went to San Marco to see the frescos by Fra Angelico and then to the Academy to see David (the big naked guy!). The rest of the day was free. I wandered around a bit – didn’t see anything too spectacular… I guess I should start making a list of things I need to see before I go and go see them.

Tommorow we’re going to the Leather School, the Science Museum and we’re going to look at DaVinci’s toys. I guess that’s it for now. Later.

BTW I am going to need a Weight Watchers intervention when I get back.

Okay, I’ve missed a day. It’s 1/13/07 11:15pm
New news – I have three mosquito bites on my face (my quaint room has a few quirks)…
I woke up in the middle of the night, went to the bathroom and found that there was no toilet paper… I had to improvise. I found more toothpaste for Jefferson and it was on sale.
Today we went to the DaVinci museum and play with his machines… and then we had a free day – I saw Pontormo’s Deposition of Christ. It’s a Mannerist painting you might know of… look him up.
Tomorrow it’s off to the Uffizi for a long day of walking. And Caravaggio… yay!

I touched Luigi’s hand tonight. Now I have something to dream about.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Maybe I'll get photos up this afternoon.

I am planning on going to a bar to post real live pictures. But I feel like I've been hit by a truck after walking all morning.

I think I'll take a bath (that's right I have a bathtub!) ha... blog to you later.

Friday, January 12, 2007

hmmm.... bacon (prosciutto that is...)

Have I told you all lately how much I love cured meats??? I just had some salami and formaggio (that's Italian for cheese). I have prosciutto on the ledge outside the window in my room... I haven't been able to mention that I have my own room, one of the perks of being a TA.

Tomorrow afternoon I have some time off so I PROMISE to post some photos (hopefully). But as with all things they may change... The trip has been good and I've seen a lot of things... I have well over three hundred photos so far. It's been jammed packed and I don't have a lot of free time that I'm not sleeping.

I guess I better go... I'm in the hotel lobby and it's a bit chilly.

Word to you mother!

I'm a bad blogger.

I found a place with wifi but I haven't gotten around to going there with my computer. I have been working on a document so I promise sometime I will get it up for all to see.

I am going to need a Weight Watchers intervention when I get back... be prepared.

Cute desk guy named Luigi.

Cured meats rock! as do brioch (is that how you spell it?).

Monday, January 08, 2007


Finally I have found the dashboard to post. I still have to find a wifi place so I can use my computer to post photos.

I promise to post soon. I've been really busy eating and drinking and finding grocery stores. I have given up trying to count points....

Someone tell Jefferson I'm having a heck of a time finding his toothpaste... but I will search on.


Saturday, January 06, 2007

Trying to post in Italian is not easy.

I have been writing but I havent been able to post. once i find wifi look out. Things are good, I heart food and gelato!

Viva Italia!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Buon Viaggio!

If I recall correctly that means have a good voyage (or something along those lines). I am still not ready to go.... I'm currently doing laundry and trying to get organized. I suppose if I forget something I can always buy it there... although it might be expensive.

On another note... I'm actually going to rant here - My apartment building sucks. I'm trying to do laundry... first off they raised the prices last year to 1.50 each per wash and dry - that sucks, but if you're going to raise the prices make sure the equipment works. Currently two of four washers are out of commission and one of the dryers doesn't heat up. One of the dryers I'm using sounds like it's going to die. I'm going to kick some ass if I have to pack wet clothes.

I am going to be taking my computer on my trip with me... hopefully I will be able to find an internet connection so that I can post from abroad. If you don't hear from me you can pretty much figure I haven't been lucky (or maybe I did get lucky and have better things to do than post to my blog)!

Ciao for now!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I really should be doing more...

than just sitting on my butt watching television and making my lap warm with my laptop.

I have to do laundry but I'm going to wait until the morning... I suppose I could just go to bed at 8pm and get up at 4 and get stuff done.

When I was in Seattle I went to visit my friend Andrew Larsen at Guido's at the Cliff House Restaurant. He plays piano on Friday and Saturday nights. He gave me a pair of leather pants that he used to wear back in the old days, my friend Kitty and I would make fun of them (I wasn't very nice back then). I think I might make some art about them... I tried them on today - I had to lie down to get them buttoned and zipped. I need to get rid of the roll of fat (excess skin?) on my belly.

Last Minute Preparations

Well, I'm off to Florence tomorrow afternoon and I have a lot to do. The good news is that I picked up a refund check for my trip and I am in the money! Look out - there's a pair of yet undiscovered Italian leather boots my name on them!

I'm in the studio right now working on my application for a show in Seattle. Hopefully my work will stand on its own... I think it's pretty good, but modesty is not one of my weaker points... well maybe it is... I don't know.

I better get back to work on everything. More later.

Monday, January 01, 2007

The Year that Was.

Okay, If I had to sum up the past year I would give it a thumbs up. Enough said.

I am happy to report that I sobered up in time to make it to the New Years Eve party.... I didn't stay out too late and I DIDN'T step in the vomit in the stairwell of my apartment buiding.