Saturday, March 31, 2007

My Niece the model.

That's my niece Katie the baby model on a Metro Bus. Maybe she'll become a model and we can live off her earnings (but only in the best sort of way....).

I bought a book today that was recommended by Ernesto Pujol. It's called Wanderlust A History of Walking by Rebecca Solnit. If you know me you know I'm not much of a reader but I've read the first chapter already. Since I do a lot of walking I thought I should get it.

24,446 steps...

That's the step count today.... I survived the run, I think I shaved a few minutes off my time. Then this afternoon I walked to Target to return a top (and purchase razors and deodorant)...

I'm pooped but I should work on my artist statement and resume. I picked up The Commitments at the library. I saw it a long time ago but thought I should see it again... maybe I'll watch that tonight.

Maybe I bath is in order????

Am I ready?

Probably not, but I'm going to run anyway. It's 51 degrees so I'm not too worried about freezing to death while I wait to start the race.

I have a bit of a headache, hopefully some coffee will take care of that... I'll check back in once the race is over.

Friday, March 30, 2007

If for some reason I don't blog

you know it's because my computer is dead!

I managed to get the things done that I needed to... now I'm going to go home and go to bed.

Wish me luck running tomorrow.

You may have been wondering...

where I was last night. I was at my apartment sitting on my futon stressing out because the display on my laptop would not work. Sure, when I finally get around to working on my applications I can't... that's why I'm up so early this morning... stress and seeing if it works (it does).

My next door neighbor has this habit of playing the same song over and over... this morning (3:45am) it is a rendition of Must Have Been Love by Roxette. This isn't the Roxette's version - it's driving me crazy. Last night it was Father Figure by George Michael.

Since my computer seems to be working I should probably finish up my stuff before my luck runs out.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Dodging a bullet...

last night as I was putting my laptop away my foot got tangled up in the cord (yet again) and the laptop took a header onto the floor. It happened to land on the plug of my power cord and bend the h-e- double hocky sticks out of it.... then when I opened up the laptop the screen was freaking out. Luckily I managed to bend the plug back and the screen eventually went back to normal... but I'm thinking I might have to look into investing into something new - thank God I have my external hard drive!

This morning I got a myspace message from my friend Robyn (we went to the UW together), she is running marathons now. We might go for a run when I move back.

Today I have to work and then finish up applications - I know I said that yesterday... I am applying for a program put on by Artist Trust, a Washington State arts organization to help me develop all areas of my career. I also should pick up my information for my run on Saturday. I hope the t-shirt is a good color, green wasn't a good color on me last time.

This picture is from last weeks thunderstorms... Nice.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Gretel was our first wiener dog.

I miss her... I thought I'd write about something different tonight...

but I can't... I think the funk is being brought on by the end of my time in school... It's only been 19 months but it's been very intense. I think most of my friends are ready for it to be over as am I.

It's the end of something that's become semi-comfortable and the beginning of something new (again). When I graduate will I all of a sudden be able to call myself an artist and not grimace when I do so? Will I have an air of confidence about me? Will I have to get a job at Starbucks when I move back to Seattle?

All these questions... I'm sure will only be replaced by new ones once they are answered.


That's the noise my body made this morning when I got out of bed. I should get out and run today to test and see if my recording device works sufficiently.

I received an email yesterday from the curator that I sent my images to. She said If I was interested I could have a show at her gallery in Chicago next year (the skeptical part of me is thinking there's got to be a catch). She lives in Rome (ahhh Roma!) and has a gallery there as well. I'm waiting to hear back from a woman who is having a show there right now as to how it works. I'll wait to divulge more after I get more details.

Yesterday I was in a funk... I'm feeling better today though. I have to get things done today. I have to pick up my mounted and laminated images for the MFA show, finish up applications and get some homework done.

Last night my class heard Ernesto Pujol talk. He was very engaging.. I enjoyed what he had to say about his work. He's working on a project this summer in Boston where he is doing walks around different islands in Boston harbor. Maybe I'll fly to Boston to join him on a walk...

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Ambivalence is the word for the day today. I know what I should be doing but do I want to do it? No... I couldn't care less about anything.

One bright note in my day yesterday is that I stopped by the dog beach and watched this cute bulldog run around. The dog beach is like a big singles bar for puppies. I saw a long-haired wiener dog too.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Uhm... (again)

Today I walked to the studio via Navy Pier... 20,022 steps... 9.16 miles... that's pretty far. Tomorrow night for my class we are going to be hearing Ernesto Pujol talk about his work. He is working on walking pieces (I think it's about walking as meditation/pilgrimage)....

There's a guy who works at Walgreen's down the street who reminds me of Tony the Cute Checkout Boy from Safeway... his name is Mark (I think). He's a very attractive man... I think I need to take a cold shower.

Things I probably shouldn't have done...

Well, there's some things I can't put down here because my fan base is all-encompassing (kids read my blog)... but here are a few things;
I shouldn't have bought those two pairs of flipflops the other day (I'm taking one pair back)...
I shoulnd't have bought that bridge mix at Walgreen's last night (it's all gone).
I shouldn't have ______________.

Leave it up to your imagination... I'm sure you're right., and I probably shouldn't have done it.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

I heart warm weather!

Today I braved the elements and bared my legs in public...(with a little help from Vaseline Intensive care lotion with self-tanner). I did the customary walk to Target (on Diversey) and back with a few detours. My grand total for the day is 8.76 miles and 19,159 steps so far.

I've been noticing on my walks that runners rarely have big thighs so I think I may have to up the ante and jog a bit...


It's Sunday morning. The party last night was fun. I ate some really good food... not too much but I went well over my points. My favorite thing was chorizo baked in wine. yummy! I also had a couple firsts (or seconds I suppose), I actually ate some avocado and a piece of sushi last night (okay don't anyone have a heart attack...). I'm not always the most adventuresome when it comes to food.

I should get up and get out but I think I'm a little hungover (not in a bad sick to my stomach way but a I'm moving a bit slower way...).

Next weekend I am doing the Race to Wrigley.. I should actually run sometime this week to train. On the news this morning they had shots of the Shamrock Shuffle.... makes me want to run.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

I'm ready for

anything. Well maybe not anything... Tonight is the tapas and grappa(s) party. I'm ready for that... with the exceptions of taking a bath before I go. It's one of those little pleasures I have, taking a bath and smelling good afterwards.

This morning I walked and walked and walked. I should probably get a move on before I decide I can't move anymore.

Friday, March 23, 2007

How come there's never a Miss USA from Washington state?

how about if you are a North or a South named state... and they yell out South..... Dakota! How's South Carolina going to feel?? Do they ever have Miss USA's or Miss America's from South Dakota???

I used to enjoy these pageants... now they just make me want to drink.

Wake Up!

I went to bed at 9:30 and I'm still tired. Maybe I'll take a nap this afternoon.

Got to go to work now...

Thursday, March 22, 2007

I may have to go to bed soon.

Before I eat everything in the apartment.

Today I took a long walk after work. I stopped by Lamin 8 to get a quote on having my Google images mounted... it's going to cost about $300.00. If I can afford to run in races I can afford mounting and laminating of my work. It will live on forever... just like I will live forever if I keep running and running and running.

What's going on.

I had an advising session with Christine and a talk with Karolina yesterday about my work (and myself)... it was pointed out to me that basically I say "look at me" with everything... I guess I've always wanted attention (although I don't necessarily like to admit it)... it's just strange to have it pointed out to me. I think it's interesting and it is making me think a lot.

Christine brought up that a lot of my work (lately) is asking for judgment (approval???) by the viewer and it's a bit egotistical of me to be doing these things... (the Google project and the running...).

Things that make you go hmmmmm.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Before and After....

Here are some images of my run last Saturday.

What size should I order? I can get them printed on a Wheaties box if I want.

Happy Spring!

It's spring and we're looking for thunderstorms... at least it will be warmer. As I said las night I have to get my butt in gear. So I guess I shouldn't dilly dally here.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I've got to get my ass in gear...

I need to figure out how to do podcasts, work on my artist statements and start training. I also need to remember to have children.

I got the estimate for moving today. Not as much as renting a truck but still not cheap. It seems kind of wierd having a moving date... May 23rd. Part of me feels like I'm abandoning Chicago but there's the other part that really misses Seattle. Oh well, I'm sure it'll get worse before it gets better.

I must say though, that I am glad that I cleaned up my apartment. It's nice to come home to a nice clean(ish) place.

On Saturday there is going to be a Fibers get together... I'm taking the bottle of Grappa I picked up in Chianti... I also need to make some sort of tappas type thing. Any ideas?

Glutton for punishment?

I signed up the Race to Wrigley on the 31st. I am ready for it.

I was thinking I should register a domain name and post audio recordings of my races.... but it cost too much.

I'm listening to my post race activities while I post (I've been recording constantly)..... I have a very strange laugh. I sound a lot like my sister Hilary at times - not that her laugh sounds strange... I guess that's it for now.

Clean apartment, clean mind...

So, my apartment is cleaner than it's been in a long time.... I wish I had a clean gene in my body... I've lamented over it before and it shouldn't be a big deal - sometimes I think it would be nice if I were a tidier person.

Okay, this idea just hit me... in October of 2005 I had my 20th High School reunion and there was talk about us all getting together to celebrate our 40th birthdays... I think that's a great idea (also maybe a good networking opportunity for me...). Maybe I should email people and ... oh, what in the hell am I talking about.

Never mind. Maybe I'll look up 5k races to participate in instead.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Some things...

Okay, so I did get a few things accomplished today. I sent images and an artist statement to the curator who visited last week and I am working on cleaning up the apartment. I can't believe I'll be out of here in less than three months... yikes! So much to do so little time... The weather is getting better.... hopefully I can break out the shorts soon...

I've been having this crazy urge to run like the wind... I've bought an external microphone to plug into the digital recorder so I can record as I run. I think I mentioned the run to Wrigley in a couple weeks... I may have to sign up.

The one that got away.

You may recall that on my trip to New York I had a mishap with losing my cellphone and my coin purse in the cab. Well, I think my coin purse doesn't like its home anymore. I went to pay for a latte this morning and it was gone. I last saw it yesterday afternoon at Walgreen's (it was hanging out by the cash register). Oh well, I think there was about twelve dollars in it and my Argo Card... I posted on Craigslist, hopefully somebody found it (or it's just lost in my apartment).

At least I didn't lose my keys....

Monday Smonday...

Let's see... what's going on today. I REALLY have to get my crap together (artist statement etc....). There is a lecture at noon and then the Odyssey Travel Grants drawing at 4:30. That is a pretty cool thing - a woman donates money for 20 students to travel anyplace they want. There is a random drawing - so anyone can win. Last year there were two special drawings for places that were pre-determined (but you got extra cash)... Maybe I will be lucky. I just said I wanted to go to Europe, exact itinerary to be determined later. I would like to go back to Spain.... I would also like to visit my cousin in Brussell's as well. (Okay, I'm not sure if I punctuated the s on Brussels correctly... don't hold it against me... that's why I'm an artist.). (okay the spell check kicked in and I think I spelled it right the last time...)

Today I'm also going to try to finish cleaning up my apartment, a mover is coming by tomorrow to give me an estimate and I should clean up some of my crap.

Less than five weeks left of my thirties.... I was going to say something self-depricating but I'm trying to not do that anymore...

Sunday, March 18, 2007

I've been thinking...

I should actually get some career type work done today. Working on submissions, artist statements, images etc... but there are some cute clothes on sale at Target. Oh the dilemma.

Yesterday at the race I received information on other races coming up. On March 31st there's the race to Wrigley... maybe I'll sign up. The motive is two-fold, one to get exercise and two to record my endeavors. I stopped my Radio Shack yesterday and looked at external microphones. there's a clip on one that I could get for $25.00... maybe I'll pick one up.

It would be nice to have firm thighs.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Two (races) down a million to go...

I survived the race and the aftermath... I bought a digital voice recorder yesterday and I recorded myself during the race... if I can ever figure out how to get it online you might be able to hear it.

I may have to take another bath (I've already had one) and pop some more ibuprofen tonight.

I went out this afternoon to get corned beef for lunch at Whole Foods. I then walked around forever and ever.... When I got home I had a letter in my mailbox from the Nielsen TV ratings asking if I would be interested in participating. Isn't that like the best thing ever for me? It sucks that I'm moving. I think I might call them and talk to them anyway. It would be fun.

It's too stinking cold to run.

But I'm going to do it anyway. It's only 28 degrees outside. Brrr. I guess this will be good training for those endurance challenges if I'm ever a contestant on Survivor.

Okay, I can only sit here for a few more minutes and then I have to get ready.

Happy St. Patrick's Day by the way. I forgot to tell you that I got pretty good feedback on the paper I wrote. As always I am my own worst critic... I'm glad that's over... now I can focus on MFA stuff and life after school.

Can anyone give me a job? Preferably teaching in Seattle somewhere?

Friday, March 16, 2007

20290 steps...

In an effort to wear myself out today I ended up walking almost nine and a half miles. If I can do that I can run a 5k race tomorrow morning.

It's been a long day. Starting with work this morning and ending up here. I did get quite a bit accomplished today although I still need to finish my artist statement and send images to that curator. I did get my images sent off to be printed for the MFA show (at least I think they're going in the show). Maybe tomorrow after my long soak in an epsom salts bath I'll work on tieing up those loose ends.

On another note, I was thinking this evening about when the artistic bug hit me.... Maybe it was that pig mobile I made for my mom made out of tag board one year or the slip cast hen planter or the clay pig.. maybe it was all those Halloween costumes I made over the years: the one night stand, the disco inferno, the caesar salad, the coat of arms (although I did steal that idea from Luke Esser, along with the green with envy idea too...). Yeah, maybe it was the halloween costumes...

Happy national artichoke day!

Today is national artichoke day. I love artichokes. They are one of my favorite vegatables! I have to get moving and go to work.

Later I will have to update you all on my race preparations, Jet Blue compensation and the return of the cold weather.. but for now I have to make myself beautiful for the public.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

More Photos

These are similar, but different.... oh the decisions I have to make.

Sleeping in again!

I ended up sleeping in again this morning because I had to stay up late and watch America's Next top Model and the Search for the Next Doll. I'm sad to say Cassandra is gone... I guess I'll get over it.

I find it's interesting the choices they use for background music during stories on the Today Show. Today they are showing a story on curing baldness they chose Tears (Run Rings) by Marc Almond, a song by Blues Traveler and Something by David Bowie (I think). I think maybe I'll post that question to them on their website...

I'm thinking of things I would like if money were no object... you know my birthday is coming up. Let's see - a new laptop with all the necessary software in order to get my work done (Adobe Creative Suite), a mini dv camera, a scanner, a house, a station wagon, skinny thighs, personal trainer, more wiener dogs and a cute man servant named Jose or Luigi. I guess that's it. Oh yeah, I would also like someone to build a website for me and purchase a domain name for me... I could use an assistant.

Okay, that's enough dreaming for today. This afternoon I have to pick up my race packet at Momentum for the race on Saturday. I'm going to dress cute, because you never know who you might run into.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I got my paper back this evening and I got credit (whew!). Lost is on right now so I can't blog long. Lot's going on... be sure to let me know which business card image you like.

Choices for postcards...

I had to use Netscape to upload. Please let me know which one you like. I may try to find some others as well.

Two Images for business cards.

Okay, there's a problem uploading the photos so I will do it when I can.

I did it.

I woke up at a reasonable time this morning. I've even started cleaning... I have movers coming over next week to give me an estimate on moving my things back to Seattle.

This morning I have been checking out the Seattle Art Blog (if I were more adept at HTML I would know how to do the link by heart but I don't.).

Through the blog I saw a nice blurb about my friend Isaac Layman by Regina Hackett (PI art critic). Isaac is a great photographer... he is one of my friends from my trip to Rome when I was an undergrad at the UW. There's a group of us who I think make interesting work, Chad Wentzel and Anne Mathern (to name a few). I'm looking forward to getting back to Seattle and putting what I've learned in grad school to work.

I think the most important thing I have learned is how to integrate my artmaking with my life. Before school they were two separate things.. now I think I can't really separate them.

Another piece of good news, they are going to do a publication of the show I was in last December so I have to pick some images and write about the piece.

Later on I am going to post images for my business card... I'd like you all to vote on your favorite so I can get them ordered.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

P to the R to the O..

crastnation! I am not doing that good of a job keeping up with my crap... okay, I take that back... I am a fairly organized person but I just FEEL like I'm not keeping up. I'm sure compared to others I'm fine.

I REALLY need to work on my artist statement and applications for shows.. but do I? No. Maybe tomorrow I can get up earlier than 8am.

Today a curator came to the studios to do visits... I couldn't talk to her long, but she told me to send her images and an artists statement. I guess that's incentive to get off my ass.

It's getting harder and harder

I can't seem to wake up. I set the television to come on at 6:30 but I still ended up sleeping until almost 8:00.

I had a bunch of weird dreams last night... first off I dreamt that I was working in an office again and one of my friends was going to be fired. I overheard people talking about it and then I had to warn him... when I was trying to find him to tell him I kept getting lost in the office, there was a hallmark-type store in the building and then a big food court (of course is goes back to food)... well after looking into the lunch area I was then in an airplane doing maneuvers. I also think I dreamt about having to find a restroom and then I actually woke up having to go (that happens to me a lot).

Anyone out there want to do dream analysis?

This is an image that I'm trying to do a collage with for a show submission.

Monday, March 12, 2007

I heard a rumor...

three people mentioned to me today that I was talking to one of the candidates on Saturday for a very long time... they think there was a love connection. I think I was just being myself (friendly).

I must say today I was looking pretty cute. I enjoy looking cute, it comes easily to me. Tomorrow it might hit the 70's, I may have to break out a dress!

Happy Anniversary Ann Curry!

Today is Ann's 10th anniversary on the Today Show. Maybe I'll put together a photo montage of her later and figure out how to post it.

I am having a hard time adjusting to the time change. I just want to sleep... okay, maybe I'm just being lazy. Last night I mentioned that I cleaned the bathtub... well, I continued on and cleaned half of the bathroom floor and the sink and toilet as well. I also ate a bunch of things I shouldn't have (only 38 points worth)... All I can say about that is that I wrote it down.. nothing but vegetables for me the rest of the week. I am going to continue to eat well. I'm just not going to buy crap (even if it's good crap).

Yesterday at Target I bought a really cute sweater and a few cute tops. I should really save my money for things like art and business cards so my fans can contact me to buy my work. But hey, I've got to be cute to meet my public right? I'll try to controll myself from now on.

The weather is getting warmer which means that women out on the streets will be wearing itty bitty tops without propper foundation garments... you know how that grosses me out. Maybe I'll do some photo documentation this year. I am concerned for myself though, I have a few tops that are not conducive to wearing undergarments. My breasts are at that stage where they aren't as peppy as they used to be. I looked at these tape-like things that will hold my boobs in place - I might have to get some.

Okay, from Ann Curry to breasts... where will I go next?

Sunday, March 11, 2007

17,742 steps

I walked to Target and back today... man, I'm tired... I'm in the process of recording my thoughts when I'm walking - I'm not sure how successful it's going to be and how it will fit into all of my work but I'm not worried.

I bought cleaning products at the dollar store and I cleaned my bathtub. ... this just in - Evangelical Christians are divided over global warming... Interesting.

The sun is out today... I should go back outside and get some more while it's still around. My hip is wacky though... it hurts to walk (then how am I going to run on Saturday?)... I guess I should just pump up the painkillers, I haven't had any in a few days.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

I'm not dead....

I've just been really busy today. It started out with a WW meeting and then off to Fiber and Material Studies Grad Interview day. This is the day when people applying to the department come in and interview. Back when I applied you had to pre-interview before you could apply. Now you have to make the initial cut and then be interviewed. I also worked for Admissions giving tours to the prospective sculpture students.

After everything was done we went to Exchequers for drinks... then I came home. There was a crazy guy on the bus... I took notes on what he was saying... it had something to do with pretty white girls going crazy. I suppose he could have been talking about me.

Tomorrow I'm going to work on artists statements and submissions for shows... I should really do dishes - maybe I'll walk to Target again.

Friday, March 09, 2007


I am concerned today... I seem to have acquired a slight case of B.O. Not nearly as bad as the gentleman I stood near at the La Bafana parade in Florence... but noticeable enough for me to be a bit concerned. I hope my deodorant isn't failing me... I do remember putting it on this morning.

I've had a busy day. I worked this morning and again at school this afternoon. I am working on printing out Google Earth (registered trademark) images large scale. I may have mentioned it before... I won't go into it again... maybe on "horizontal"... I'm thinking about them for the MFA show... but what would my family think of me? Oh well... I can't change who I am (too much).

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Famous for something or just famous.

Yesterday when I was advising with Chritine she asked if I wanted to be famous for something or just famous. I think I just want to be famous.

Now how do I get to be famous without doing anything???

Someone from Jet Blue posted a comment regarding my post about them watching me. She said she couldn't help me with the free Direct TV... oh well.

There's something really satisfying about knowing who's looking at my blog.

Ode to a sore left nostril...

I used to think it was caused by a certain cologne but I was wrong. It started again yesterday... I think it's just the month or the weather or maybe its just a physical manifestation of stress.

The dryness, the bleeding...

The uncomfortable sting.

Today Show website...

The Today Show has a new website and blog which I'm pretty excited about. Okay, maybe I'm not really excited about it, but it makes it much easier for me to check up on stories and find out what Ann is doing.

I'm trying to figure out why I think Ann Curry is so swell. I think it's her hair. It always looks so nice. Maybe it's becasue she's from Oregon.

I posted a comment on their blog this morning and gave them a link to my blog... maybe they'll check me out and want me to come on the show. I still haven't looked at the video from when Al talked to me on President's Day.... I also haven't heard from Jet Blue... maybe I'll get a free ticket and I can go back to the Today Show and finally meet Ann (Matt too, he's a hottie).

Maybe I'll go back when its warmer outside so I can look cute out on the plaza and not like a nordic ski champion.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I heart America's Next Top Model...

There is the best group of bitchy and whiny people on this season.

I personally like (dislike) Renee and Natasha... they are pieces of work.

Go Cassandra!

My brush with fame (sort of)...

I found out yesterday that by two degrees of separation I know someone on America's Next Top Model. My friend Marsha, who I house sat for back in 2004, her niece is on the show. Now I'm rooting for Cassandra... I probably would have rooted for her anyway because she's from Seattle.

Today is my friend Ken's 40th birthday... that means just a few short weeks and I'll be saying goodbye to the 30's and hello 40! How did I get to be almost 40?? I was just in my 20's a few years ago... You know, they say the 40's are the new 20's...

I'm thinking of doing a Target fieldtrip... this weekend are the interviews for next years MFA Candidates... maybe I can get them all to go to Target with me.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Crank master J..

That would be my rap name if I were a rapper. But I'm not. I'm not really even cranky at the moment. But things can change.

I've been trying to shape up my images for trying to get a job once I graduate. Boy it is hard work.

I'm ready to be done with everything. I'd just like to take a nap.

Things I miss.

I miss sitting with my dog on the sofa. I miss Fred Meyer cinnamon rolls (they're cheap and good).. I miss driving my car. I miss my chiropractor. I miss the ocean.

I like Chicago, but it's not home.

Things I will miss about Chicago.. My friends, good public transportation. Stanley's. My ww people. Intelligentsia coffee.

I don' t think I'll miss the weather.

Monday, March 05, 2007

What's a girl to do?

This afternoon I went back to the dentist to have my post and (Insert the name of what it's called in here) done. I now have a stainless steel rod in my tooth just waiting for a crown. I can either have the dentist here do it for 1,295 dollars or I can wait and have my dentist back in Seattle do it. I'll have to call and ask how much it will cost there... I'm going for the cheapest crown I can get. I can chew on the right side of my mouth for two and a half more months...

On another note I was looking online at moving companies... I requested free estimates... the biggest drawback is that they are going to be contacting me via phone. I HATE TALKING TO PEOPLE. I know it's hard to believe... but really I'm shy.

New Old Video...


I am working on an artists statement that has to do with obsessions. I was thinking that a lot of my work can relate back to obsessions.

Obsessions with people, obsession in using the same material over and over... my obsession with walking so I can eat more food...

I've found someone to cover my job on St. Patrick's day so that I can run in the St. Paddy's day dash. I just wish I hadn't fallen in the alley the other day (no I wasn't drunk)... my hip is a bit sore again.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

I'm ready!

I am ready for cute clothes weather. I'm sick and tired of wearing pants. I want to wear my cute skirts and wear my flipflops again. I miss my foot tan.

I suppose if it did get warmer though I'd have to break out the self tanner and really work on toning the buns and thighs...

Oh the things we have to put up with...

What's the deal?

I am lacking motivation lately... Motivation to do anything... get out of the apartment, go to the studio... eat healthy.

If I could just stay here and watch television and interact with my laptop I think I would be okay. At least for a few days... I think eventually the lack of sunlight would get to me.

The other day I got the lease renewal for my apartment... if I were going to stay (which I'm not) they want to increase the rent to $640.00 a month for a whopping 280 square feet. I just have to say that my apartment is not worth that much and I don't know why anyone would want to live here for that price. It was nice when I moved in here (and semi-affordable) but when they sold the building to Beal Properties it went downhill. Broken dryers, dog poop in the stairwells (yes I've seen it), vomit in the freight elevator...

If you are someone looking for an apartment in Chicago don't rent from Beal Properties. They charge too much and aren't very attentive to their tenants.

Hey, I just ranted! I miss ranting.

Saturday, March 03, 2007


This morning I went grocery shopping... man, did I do shopping... I went to five stores and got a variety of things, for the most part everything was healthy.

I didn't get back until after noon. I had to take a bath and put on the dinosaur nightgown... not becasue I'm feeling grumpy - it just seemed that the dinosaur nightgown was fitting for today... (I was up early).

I watched Fight Club... I think I might watch Taladega Nights now... Nothing like Will Ferrell in the evening.

Maybe I'll put on real clothes and see if I got any mail. Maybe I'll just go down in my nightgown and find me a date.

WW Nightmares.

I had a dream last night that I was late for work. I got in so much trouble in my dream... I even started to cry. I hope this isn't foreshadowing anything.

I'm off to my meeting and then I might go look at Earth shoes at whole foods.

I SHOULD go into the studio... we'll see. I still have all those movies to watch from the library.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Thanks to MEALS I HAVE EATEN.....

Okay I'm losing it....It wasn't Tonguethruster I saw the you tube on.. it was CC and Meals I have Eaten...

I should give credit where credit is due. Tonguethruster does make me want to be a godmother though...

Friday night fun.

So.... I went to my staff meeting. It actually wasn't too bad. The at work meeting I work at on Thursdays got some recognition for members emailing positive comments about our "team". That was nice... I don't remember the exact words they used but it's nice to be loved.

Tomorrow the only thing I have to do is go to my WW meeting. I should go into the studio and work on things... what that is I'm not exactly sure of though. There are interviews tomorrow in the painting department.... I may swing by and check out the fresh meat.

I guess I could go to bed now since I have to get up early. Maybe I'll check out and see how Anna Nicole Smith's funeral went.

Thanks Tonguethruster...

It is because of you I decided to check into You Tube. Here is a video of pigeons I took in Venice.

Hopefully it works.

A hard Jen's gonna fall!

Okay so that doesn't quite make sense... but this morning I tried to get online but the connection wasn't working (grr.).. So I got ready and headed out to work... as I was making my way down the alley guess who should take a header in the snow? Well, I guess it wasn't really a header - it was more of a left arm and hipper and now I am sore...

I'll post later.. I have to give a tour.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

No self control.

I went to Exchequer tonight and ate too much... I always tell myself that I should remember this feeling... my stomach is bloated, my left shoulder hurts... I WANT TO DIE....

But will I remember? Probably not.

I am a glutton for punishment.

I have signed up for the Shamrock Shuffle on St. Patricks day. It's only a 5k and I have more planning time so hopefully I won't be as sore as I was from the Turkey Trot.

Maybe I'll have to go shopping for a cute green outfit to wear.


This morning I was up before 7am. I consider that to be a big accomplishment.

I'm wondering if sitting here every day and typing away is a worthwhile activity... I think if I didn't do it I might go slowly insane. Maybe it's the ritual... I'm ritualistic in my art practice and in my everyday activities (walking, drinking my coffee in the morning...). It's something worth pondering.

Tomorrow night I have a WW staff meeting. It will be my second one since becoming a "service provider". I think they usually turn into a bitch fest... you know how it is... people get caught up on one little thing and talk it to death.

Doesn't WW know that Friday night is date night? or it would be date night if I got off my ass and meet someone....

anyways, we have to bring a "before" picture of ourselves... I have one of me dressed up as a pig... or there's the one of me dressed up in a shiny red a-line top.. oh the choices of fat pictures... I remember when I couldn't even cross my legs when I sat down...