Friday, August 31, 2007

Making a list.

I'm trying to make a list of all the mail items that my mother will have to look out for while I'm in New York... bank cards, student loan crap, paychecks.. it's not an easy task.

I've changed the photo on my profile - I liked the picture of me there but I needed a change. A flower is nice - it's from my tree...

I think I'm going to pretend to be a lot of different things while I'm in New York - runner, cute person who goes out on dates (now I would say artist here - but that's the old me, I AM AN ARTIST), healthy eater...

Today is my last day at work, I have enjoyed working there but I realize that I couldn't do it full time for the rest of my life. Life is too short to not do the things you really want to do. The possibility of me working for their New York office looks pretty good.. I'll keep my fingers crossed. I may not want to do it full time but I'm not stupid enough to realize that my mad administrative skills can come in handy sometime.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

if only...

I didn't feel socially awkward at times - things might be different. Maybe I'll pretend to be brilliant and I can fake my way into achieving it.

Time is running out...

I have too much to do and too little time.

Packing, cleaning, life...

Yesterday I received a call from a temp agency in New York. They wanted to get all the details about me... what I was looking to do, what type of assignments. It's nice to be wanted. Did I mention that I might be able to work for the firm that I'm working at now? That would be nice. It's sort of like finding a weight watchers meeting or a church to go to... there will always be someone who understands you and maybe take you home with them and feed you.

I'd like to give a shout out to Marty's mom - my number one fan! Hey, how ya doing?

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Essential things.

Last night I met up with one of my professors from the UW. I was talking about my trip to New York and the task of packing. He suggested that I go light and just take the essential things. So here is a list of essential things for me to take.

My buckwheat pillow, my camera, my bear, pictures of my dog, my collection of ww nametags, my ww scale, my running shoes, toenail clippers, tweezers, Lush Olive Branch body wash, bathtub pillow.

oh, and underwear.

We also talked about the possibility of me teaching a foundation class at the UW. Do I feel prepared to teach? SURE! why not. I also said that I would offer to help teach the Studio Art program in Rome sometime (that would be a dream job!). Oh, to eat gelato e prosciutto cotto - che bueno! That's Italian for you all.... Hey, I could take a side trip to Firenze and see my pal Luigi from the hotel Villa Liana.

Now I have something to strive for... well besides firming up my thighs.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Is it a streak yet?

I figure I have to get the exercise in while I can... so yes, I went to the gym again this morning. I worked on the six pack yesterday (okay, maybe it's more like a keg right now...)and it hurts.

I should really start packing for NY. I suppose I will have to eventually. But what does one take when they don't know what exactly they will need.

I'm ready to start "stalking" Ann. I think I should make a t-shirt that says I heart Ann. I could do it myself but that would take too much time. I should just go to a t-shirt shop...

So... I had a conversation with one of my sisters yesterday and she thought that I shouldn't tell people about my blog because it might scare them away (she said this only for my own good)... what I understand from our conversation is that she thinks I sound desperate and that it will turn people off (we're talking members of the opposite sex here)... I didn't immediately disagree - in my defense I think part of me being so revealing is part of what makes me me... when I talk about my woes of trying to get a date it is sometimes serious - but most often it is meant in jest... I know there are a lot of people who can relate to my lamentations about being a single woman in society. It's not as easy as going on a reality show and finding the man of your dreams or hitting the bars trolling for men.

What do you all think? Am I desperate? Should I hide my blog under a bushel?

Monday, August 27, 2007

You can pick you jaw off the floor now.

I actually went to the gym this morning.... and I also stepped on the scale too. As a result of that I'm going to going to the gym more often (well at least for the next week until I go to NY).

OH CRAP! is what I thought to myself as I saw the magic number... I knew it was going to be bad but it was three pounds higher than I thought it would be. On the bright side I will be walking much more in NY and hopefully running too. It sucks to love food (a little too much) and be (okay I've lost the point I was trying to make so I'll just move on to another subject.).

The other night I went to H & G's for dinner... my friend Ken was there. He asked me about my hair. He was referring to my grow out. NOTE TO ALL MEN Never ask a woman about an obvious streak in her hair unless you are absolutely sure it was meant to be there. He thought it was an artist thing but no, it's not. It's a good thing I'm a forgiving person otherwise I'd have to kick his ass. I may still kick his ass because it would make me feel better.

Last night I had my momma help me touch up the roots... another thing that sucks about being almost middle aged and single and living with your mother... oh crap... Did I ever realize that I was such a loser? Yes I did.

Oh, here's another thing.. everyone should go to see the show at Crawlspace Gallery It's called ...pass time and shows the work of Sean M Johnson and Kirk Lang. This is the show I was going to see on Saturday - I'm glad I waited until yesterday. I got to spend more time with the work... I'm not an art critic but it held my attention... that's saying a lot. I can't wait to start making things again... I heart art.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

It was a bust...

Last night all my plans fell apart... aside from dinner I didn't go to the opening and I didn't go out with friends.

On the plus side I did go to bed at 9:30 (that's 12:30 in New York) and am feeling rested.

Hopefully when I get to New York my posts will get a little more interesting... I'll have more interesting things to talk about... one thing that will be interesting is that I found out that I got tickets to attend a taping of the Martha Stewart show... that should be fun... okay maybe fun is not the word I'm looking for... it will be an event. I will let you all know about when I will be on the air.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

More from the twisted mind of mine...

So - I'm not 30 anymore... I can't go out until all hours of the night and then expect to function the next day.

Tonight I'm supposed to go to dinner at H & G's , then to an opening at Crawl Space and then out with other friends... I don't know when I'm going to have time to pack... in fact I don't know what I'm going to pack. Tomorrow I have dinner with the other part of my family and if I don't stay out too late tonight I'll go to church. I should get me some religion... Next week I have plans on Monday and Tuesday evening... it makes me tired just thinking about it.

Here's some Frank Gehry for you all


I went out last night with a couple of girls from work... I got home around 1:20... now I have to work.

I'm not hungover (thankfully)... but I'd rather be asleep.

My quest for a good fish taco continued. We went to the Matador in West Seattle... I had a blackened fish taco.

A little spicy but YUMMY as always and ONLY five bucks.

Oh, and we almost got into a bar fight (do you believe me?)...

Now where's that coffee?

Friday, August 24, 2007


I should be getting things put together for New York... I should be going to the gym on a regular basis... I should be looking harder for my soul mate to live happily ever after with...

I should get a checkup... I actually haven't been to a doctor in over two years... for all of you out there do not follow by my example. In Grad School our health insurance sucked - now I have Washington Basic Health but I haven't gotten my crap together to make an appointment - now I'm leaving again. I guess if there's a tumor growing in me somewhere I'll have some good resource material for my artwork.

So... I tried to upload a video that I shot the other day but it isn't working... damn.

The hair is getting better but it still needs help... and yes I did face my fears last night and made the calls I needed to.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

I've got to get over it...

It's the nerves... I wish I didn't have them... when I have to get up in front of people and talk about my artwork I'm not usually too scared... but when I have to call someone I know on the phone and talk to them - it freaks me out. I know fear is good in some cases but I wish I would just get over it.

I can feel the tension rising in my back... it's working its way up to my neck... it's going to get the best of me...

It's times like these I wish I had a _______ fill in the blank.

Hairy situation...

I got my haircut the other night. It looks very cute now, but I have no idea how to style it. I was told by Bash the hairstylist (that's his name) that I looked a little too matronly or soccer mom-ish with my old hair. I didn't think I'd ever be called matronly... he didn't mean it in a bad way so I didn't take offense.

I just have to get the hang of the styling and then I might post a picture.

Dinner last night was good... I stayed out a little later than I'm used to. I didn't get home until 11! (how lame is that?). I supposed if I'm moving to the big apple I should probably learn to stay out a little later. The flip side to that would be that I need to get to bed early in New York so that I can get to the Today show bright and early in the morning to see my buddy Ann Curry.

My sister is a bit concerned with my I heart Ann blog... she thinks it might be a bit stalkerish. I told her that I wasn't going to hunt her down and follow her home. I just think she's groovy and cute... and if we both played for the other team and she wasn't happily married I'd be asking her out (that is of course if I knew her...). Now that's not a stalker... it's just a girl/celebrity crush.

I should probably wrap this up early so I can have more time to work on my hair.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Did you miss me?

I sure missed you all. Unfortunately Blogger was not working so well this morning. I am on the way to Jenna's for dinner. I will have a full report tomorrow morning. we're going to talk about boys. Now won't that be interesting.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Finally, I received my paycheck from ww yesterday. Just in time I guess, only three months late.

I've woken up with a pain in my shoulder blade (It sucks getting old). I suppose I should make an appointment to see my favorite chiropractor before I go off on my big adventure.

Here's one thing I hate (besides bitchy girls and whiny men) - when you get locked out of your online banking because you have one of those bad typing moments. I was having one of those such moments yesterday and now I can't login to see what's going on with my account. It's making me cranky. I had to open a new account with another bank because my real bank doesn't have branches in New York. They are transferring money from my old account to set up this new one.. I have to keep track of the minuscule deposits they put in my old account and record them with my new bank to verify my account (did that make sense)? Now when I try to login to my existing bank account I keep getting an account alert emailed to me. It's making me cranky. I know they are just trying to protect me from online fraud - but in this case they are trying to protect me from myself. errrrr.

Hey, that was a pretty good rant. Not like some that I'm sure I'll come up with in New York... but it's a start. I was tracking my visitors yesterday (yes, you're being watched) and followed a link to an old post of mine. I seemed to be much more interesting in 2006. I think I'll try to strive to that old standard in the weeks to come.

Monday, August 20, 2007


It's back to the big habitrail of life this morning... It's raining and once again I don't really want to do anything.

Last night we ended up going to dinner at Stanford's. It was pretty good... I had some pasta concoction - I'm sure it wasn't very point friendly but that's alright... it tasted good and the service was exceptional. Thumbs up Stanford's! You get a jenerator 4 star rating.

Back to this morning... I guess I shouldn't complain about not wanting to do anything. I have to work so I can have money for New York. I've contacted a few temp agencies there to see about finding temp jobs while I'm there... now that should be good source material - office work in the Big Apple. I'm pretty sure they don't believe in casual Friday there... or maybe they do.. but I'm sure their casual Fridays are a bit more uptight than those in Seattle.

My activities this week include an assortment of dinners and lunches with friends. Since sytycd is over my Wednesday television viewing schedule is freed up - in it's place I am having dinner with Jenna (she's from camp and a former resident of New York)... at camp this summer she dressed up as a piece of bacon and sang a song about it on her ukulele. I'll see if I can come up with a picture of it for you all.

Here it is... Makes me want to have breakfast. I guess I better get going then.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Let's get serious now...

I have to start thinking about my career now.... I've been in vacation mode long enough... not that I've been hanging around doing nothing but I need to start looking for jobs in my chosen career path. That would mean Art and Teaching.

Let me see - what's going on... I have been looking at the College Art Association Website at their job listings. I don't really have the greatest amount of experience to teach.. but I suppose I can just start applying for things and who knows maybe someone will want to interview me for something.

I've been hesitant to talk about my immediate future but if I'm going to blog I have to talk about what I'm doing... I am going to New York in two weeks for a few months. I'm going to be living in my friend Maria's apartment while she is in Latin America. You may all remember her from my trip to New York in February when I got stuck there.

On my agenda for New York is "stalking" Ann Curry, getting on as many television shows as possible and running in races through Central Park. I may also do some grocery store field trips. I've started a new blog called I Heart Ann. I am going to post pictures of her as I strive to become one of her personal assistants and/or groupie.

I'm really not psycho - I'm just going to play one on tv.

I've sent a few emails to temp agencies in New York to inquire about work. Although I don't enjoy working for Lawyers that much - I'm glad I have these mad administrative skills to fall back on. It should enable me to pay some bills and buy supplies for my artistic endeavors.

Now for something completely different, my aunt Lois is coming today. My uncle died a few weeks ago and there is a Masonic service for him tomorrow. I would go but I have to work. Now, back to Auntie Lois - she's groovy. She lives in Oregon and has had many a career - Christmas tree grower, country store owner, quarter horse breeder(?) and bull seller.

She has Hamilton family feet as well... maybe if she gets a bit tipsy I can break out my flex wax and cast her foot. She wouldn't even consider taking pictures of her feet for me.... hmm - the wheels are turning.

I didn't go out last night - too long of a day to drive all the way to Tacoma.

Maybe I'll be good and go to the gym.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Lord, I am so tired...

I got hooked into Intervention last night and couldn't get back to sleep. I'm working today - I hope I remember how to do it because it's been a few weeks. I'm rusty

Today I am supposed to go see my friend Andrew play piano at Guido's at the Cliff House - hopefully my late night won't have left me too tired to get out this evening. I supposed I could take a nap. I like naps

Additionally this weekend I am planning on going to Sam Scott's pottery sale. He was my first ceramics instructor and got me started down this path to artistic greatness. Also for all you Husky Connect visitors he's a Dawg as well.

Everyone should go... as should I, it's getting late.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Everyone can uncross their fingers now.

The gods have spoken and Sabra was chosen as America's Favorite dancer on SYTYCD. I know that may not rank up there with important news events of the day but for me it was the most important. Who wants to hear about all that gloomy stuff. I want to spread the joy of dance (and reality television).

I have requested tickets to see a live taping of the Martha Stewart show... hopefully I'll get on and she'll be giving away good stuff. It would be fun to see how many television shows I could get on in a three month period.... hmmm. maybe I'll do that.

This morning my laptop is making a few noises (the fan is whirring)... I hope it's not going to die. That would suck - I should probably break out the hard drive and back it up.

Remember, only ten and a half hours until the weekend - Pacific Standard Time.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Post Number ninehundred and eight.

Who knew I would have so many uninteresting things to blog about. Not much different is going on around here - no gym, just coffee and blogging.

Yesterday I got to work filing for the property tax group. It wasn't so bad.... I'd rather be doing that than just sitting around trying to find things to do.

Last night on SYTYCD I was a bit under impressed with it all. I did like Neil and Danny's routine put together by Mia Michaels... however if I had to choose my favorite piece(s) from the season it would be Jamie and Hok's hummingbird piece or Neil and Sabra's Jazz piece from last week... it was done to Sweet Dreams... I could tell you all a story about when I first saw the Eurythmics at Bumbershoot back in the 80's with Trevor my first boyfriend... but I digress.

I'm still rooting for Sabra... Lacey does nothing for me... ever since it was revealed that her hair smells because of her weave it totally turned me off. If one of the boys win that would be alright as well... but my dialing finger is bandaged because I was dialing for Sabra.

Tonight my friend Anne is having an Opening at the Lawrimoreproject. I've mentioned her before... she is one of the people who runs Crawl Space - the gallery that I will hopefully be joining once my life gets a little less hectic. I hope I can drag my ass to it...

The weather looks sucky, I better get moving to face the day.

Here's a photo I took downtown yesterday...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

This one's for PJ...

This photo was taken at Katie's birthday party - well actually before her party. I was just finishing up blowing up the balloons.

Guess what I did this morning - slept in again. I suppose there are worse things I could do... I could be waking up at 5am and going to a strip club. I could be holding dog fights in my back yard... I could be selling my flesh to the highest bidder (oh wait, I already do that.. - no, I'm just kidding...). No, I chose to sleep in and then blog a little.

Maybe someday I will become famous for this... maybe I'll be somebody! Okay, I am somebody already - but maybe they will blog about my blog...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Too much of a good thing.


It's a wonderful thing but I'm here to remind you to be careful.

Last night at the ww meeting someone mentioned the Fiberone bars that are really yummy and are only two points. The reason they are so low in points is that they have a ton of fiber. I know from a prior experience with these bars that you shouldn't overindulge because you will be sorry.

Do you think I would have learned from this past experience with these delectable goodies (you're thinking sure - any reasonable woman would know her limits and stay away from too many).... For those of you who know me well - the dam broke and one led to another and after three bars (24 grams of fiber) I am feeling it. I sit here with an 18 pack of phazyme waiting for the distress to go away.

When will I ever learn?

The inside of my eyelids are beautiful.

If I could continue to look at them this morning I would... No gym... it's supposed to be nice out today - I wish I could work on my flip flop tan... but alas, I have to work.

My friend PJ told me I should post more pictures of myself... I'll try PJ. I wouldn't want to blind you all with my beauty though.

Last night after work I went to ww meeting... a friend of mine showed up there so we went grocery shopping afterwards (she only bought good things to eat...)... I'm not going to name names because I need to protect the innocent. Hopefully thing will go well for her. It's always easier when you have someone helping you along the way.

I've been doing research for my upcoming project and am happy to report I'm getting things mapped out. I'll talk more about it later if I can. I've been searching for more races to run in and I might even do some grocerystore filed trips.... I'm excited about the possibilities.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Don't eat snails....

As I arrived in Olympia yesterday Melissa was moping up in the entryway of the house - I asked her if she was cleaning for me but no... Leo threw up and she was cleaning it up... While the clean up was going on they found an undigested snail in the mix.
Mom said Melissa used to eat slugs so it didn't seem like too much of a surprise to her. Just add another tick to the Con side of having kids.

On my visit I also introduced Max to the concept of driving like Lindsay Lohan. He ran his bike off into the flowerbed and I told him he was driving like her. As I got in my car to leave last night he told me not do drive like Linsday (this conversation was five hours later than our initial discussion of her...). I guess that would be a check mark under the Pro side of having kids. Molding young minds.

My earlier meeting for coffee went well - I think. I suppose I don't have too much to go on. I felt like I talked too much. Oh well. And Jason, if you're reading this - Hi.

Today at work I am going to be moved from the file room where I've had a nice desk... I'll probably be put in some dark room with no windows (which would be just like the file room...). I can adapt. The construction on I-5 Starts today as well... they're bringing in pizza for us for lunch. Just what my food plan needs... I suppose I don't have to eat it but hey, free food. Who am I to pass up a free meal. Now only if they included Alaskan Amber with it...

Okay - that's it... better run. Once again I woke up to go to the gym but didn't. I'll go after work. Yeah right... I will REALLY!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

A little bit awkward...

This morning I am meeting Lisa's friend Jason for coffee. On the outside I appear to be well put together but on the inside I'm a bit of a social nerd. I will be okay... I just have to ignore the voices in my head.

This afternoon I am going to be taking a trip to Olympia to see the boys - hopefully no one will throw up today... I am planning to go to the gym before this whole day gets going though. I need to start getting some exercise - being sick earlier in the week left me a little less than motivated.

After I'm done posting I am going to watch CBS Sunday Morning - it's one of my favorite shows.. I'm also going to try to change the photo on my profile. It's a bit old... we'll see how it goes.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

The saga is over...

The paycheck... I found out that the paycheck I've been waiting for for over two months was accidentally sent to my Chicago address. I decided to have a stop payment put on the check because the forwarding of my mail has not been the swiftest thing and the Chicago postal workers are not so good... They are going to re-issue my paycheck and send it to me in Seattle.

When I got home last night the paycheck was in the mail. It will be a nice memento... all $223.15. It will probably cost them 50 bucks to put the stop payment on it.

I've been having issues with my wifi (okay, my neighbors wifi...). It's not been very reliable in letting me be able to send email messages. I can receive them, but it's taking so long for them to go over the airwaves they time out. (If I am not good with the technical terms there excuse me...).

Today is going to be fairly uneventful... I should go to the gym, I should clean up my room and start organizing things for my future... I should reproduce. Maybe I'll go see a movie. The world is my oyster.

Friday, August 10, 2007

It's been a wild week.

It turns out that most of the rest of my family got sick as well this week. On Wednesday Max got sick all over our dining room floor and wall... (and I think I may want to have kids?).. Katie and Hilary were sick yesterday..

At least I'm not pregnant! Not that I thought I was but there are such things as the immaculate conception right?

The big thing that was stressing me out the other night has been resolved and I'm feeling pretty good. I slept nine hours last night... it doesn't really make up for only two the night before but it will do for now.

I've got a lot to figure out in the next few weeks... it should be exciting.... I may actually even go out on what I like to call a "meet and greet" this weekend. My ww leader Lisa (in Chicago) has a pseudo cousin here in the Seattle area and thought we should meet. It's been a comedy of errors trying to arrange schedules but it might just work out this weekend.

Well, since I decided to sleep in I should probably get a move on.

Happy Friday.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Insomnia my old friend...

It's back again. I get into a stressful situation and I can't fall asleep... I keep thinking of things and then the mind starts racing. I know the last time this happened was back in Chicago... the time before it - When I got into Grad School... I don't handle change easily.

I took a Tylenol pm sort of thing... maybe that will knock me out. I hope I get some sleep before work tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

On the down low...

Yesterday I ended up working until noon and then going home. I haven't slept this much since I don't know when. My stomach still hurts but I think it's more because I don't have any food in it. I'm a bit scared to eat anything because I don't want it to mess me up. I'm not good at being sick.

Today I am going to go to work and see how it goes... my back is hurting too but I think that's because I've been sleeping so much and the muscles aren't being given their normal workout.

On the ww Paycheck front, supposedly a check was mailed to me last Friday. Hopefully it will show up today. I need to start building up my savings account for my future endeavors.

Let's see, what else can I rant about... the fact that I'm 40, single and falling apart? Nope - that doesn't seem worth ranting about right now...

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Death warmed over.

I started feeling like crap last night. I'm sweatty, my stomach doesn't feel too good. I don't really want to call in sick because that doesn't look good. Maybe If I take a shower I'll feel better.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Hola and Howdy.

It's Monday morning - what up with all of you?

I've been to the gym and am currently microwaving my Smart Ones frozen dinner for breakfast. I know, you're thinking why is she having a frozen dinner for breakfast? It's because I can.

I'm going to get back on track this week - I've eaten like a pig the past two days... that birthday party killed me. Okay - it was the beer I drank at the birthday party that made me lose my good food judgment. But man, those cupcakes were good. As was the pasta salad and the chips and the burgers and the hotdog... oh, I forgot the ice cream.

Today it is back to work for me... I wonder what I'll wear today - I have to look cute and smell good. That's my advice to everyone... if you're a guy you can look good as opposed to cute (same thing I suppose)...

I tried to stay awake last night to watch the Two Coreys on A & E but I became comatose sometime in the middle of Gene Simmon's Family Jewels... (I think that show's kind of funny) and missed it all.

I guess that's it for now.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Party's Over...

And nobody got hurt. Here are a few choice photos for you all.

Hilary had some official photos taken for her first birthday here is one of those...

Today I need to work off some of those cupcakes I ate yesterday...... they were yummy though...

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Let's be friends...

I have been visiting my My Space page and making some adjustments. I can't really get into the My Space craze but I like to be able to keep up with people.

I just requested that Tegan and Sara be my friend... it's good to have friends. Now if only I could get a date.

I could get a date if I really wanted to - but I'm a chicken.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Latest favorite album

this is from Tegan and Sara's latest album "The Con" I heart it a lot.

Casual Friday....

I have come to the conclusion that even if you can wear jeans on casual Friday you shouldn't always... if you're going to look like a shlub you might as well wear a skirt. It's not worth it to be a fashion don't.

The wait continues...

I STILL have not received a paycheck from ww for any of my Seattle meetings. I like the program - but this really sucks. Whose house do I need to burn down? it's only been over two months. I'm getting cranky and I feel a full blown rant coming on soon.

I am really tired today... it's raining outside and it would just be nice to hang out on the sofa with Tucker and Ann Curry.

I miss Ann.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

This working full time is wearing me out!

I got up before five to work out ... worked at the firm... then went to first thursday with Kristy (thanks for coming)... I just have to do it one more day (work that is) and then I can rest.

Talk to you all in the morning....

Don't Panic!

When I tell you that I went to they gym both last night AND this morning.

Now that you've all picked yourselves up off the floor I'll continue. I've decided I need to whittle down the thighs - the only way to do that (besides liposuction) is by working out. I will never have firm thighs if I just sit on my ass all the time.

This Saturday is Katie's Birthday - Today is her actual birthday though... she's one. There are going to be about 17 children under 7 here... now that's how I spell fun!

Tonight after work I am going to First Thursday... I'm not sure what shows are up but I'm sure I'll find something to like. I just have to remember to look cute... The fleet is in town as well! hmmmm... Sailors.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The big blow off...

Let's see - things I'm blowing off...
The gym.

Okay, maybe I'm not blowing off too much... but I also hate being blown off by other people. I hate being ignored... maybe if I didn't think about things so much it wouldn't bother me as much as it does.

I hate it when I expect something from someone and they don't follow through... Maybe I just expect too much from people.

So if you haven't guessed I'm irked off at someone. They don't read the blog so I could name names but then it would just turn into one of those TMZ - Perez Hilton blogs... I'm all for gossip, but within reason.

Today I am going to be receiving my first paycheck for my temp job. It will be nice to start saving some money for my upcoming adventure (if it ever materializes... speculate as to what it might be now!).

Today I am also going to see the chiropractor... maybe he can take care of all my post race ailments.

This is the building that I work in... some people call it the Ban Roll On Building... I think it looks like a big diaphragm.

Getting back to blowing off the gym... maybe I'll set out my clothes so I can go on the way home from work...