Monday, August 31, 2009

Let's start again.

Monday, Monday, Monday.... I'm ready for the day...

It's payday! I successfully made it through this pay period without bouncing any checks.

Yesterday I met my friend Andrew and we went to lunch and then to see the Quentin Tarantino movie Inglorious Basterds. It was pretty good. I sometimes forget though how violent his movies can be. I squirmed a few times (but it was still good)...

Stinky has decided not to sit next to me this morning... it's kind of sad... I miss her warm little body next to me. I've remedied the situation - I went and picked her up and brought her in here.

Things are better...

I talked on the phone last night to the guy I met online. It was a brief conversation but it was good. We're going to talk later in the week. He sounds normal (which is good)... things are looking good.

Yesterday I taught cycle and I had a pretty full class... I think I'm a hit. The girl working behind the desk said she liked my music. That's really good - I want people to like my music... now I have to continue working on new playlists and routines. I also have to sign up for certification so I can be official.

I guess that's all I have this morning... I think the week is going to be good... I think things are finally going my way.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Things that worry me....

Not much is worrying me today. I weaseled out of going to the birthday party last night... as usual I can stalk celebrities but have a great aversion to going and meeting people I don't know...

Oh well.... I'm sitting here trying to put together a playlist for cycle... I think I might just reuse the one from Tuesday night and see if it goes better...

Today I am meeting my friend Andrew for lunch and then we're going to see a movie... I've got a gift card but the choices of movies aren't that great... we'll manage to find something...

I'm looking forward to lunch because we're going to Red Robin... yummy.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's been too long.

I finally feel a little bit normal... I did wake up with that weird pain in my neck again.

It's going to be a chore getting on that scale this morning... I wore a sweater yesterday which kept unbuttoning where it shouldn't be unbuttoning.... somethings got to change soon. Even my big girl underwear is getting tight.

Today on the agenda I have the usual (ww and the gym), then I might go to the studio and work on things / watch movies... tonight is a birthday party for my friend Jenna. I hope I can stay up for it. I'm thinking a nap might be in order at some time today.

It's been a while since I put up a photo... here you go.

Friday, August 28, 2009


I am sitting back in my spot next to the dog. It's nice... I actually got a good night sleep (sort of).

I'm trying to do double duty... post to the blog and watch last nights episode of Big Brother.

Big Brother is winning...

I will be back later... maybe tonight but most likely tomorrow.... too much to think about right now.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm going home!

It's not that I don't love house sitting - it's just not the same as staying in your own place.

This morning they have posted the latest contestants for Survivor Somoa.  I guess that means I should start working on my new audition tape (they should be doing casting soon...).

Tonight I am headed over to camp for a wedding reception for R & S.  It should be a fun / long day.

Work has been going well, I really really really really like it.  I'm trying to figure out things still - it will happen eventually.

I think I should go.  I have to pack up thing so I can get out of here....

leave no trace is the motto this morning.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Cat peed in the toybox again.

Pedometer fell in the toilet.

Scraped paint off my bumper.

No microphone while teaching.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hello and good morning.

Sampson and I have already been for a walk.

Autumn decided to use Sampson's toy basket for a litter box yesterday and she decided she needed to meow every hour or so last night.

Let's just say I'm not in the best mood (but it's not that bad)...

I need to go.

Monday, August 24, 2009

I love cats.

It's Monday and I am looking forward to the end of the week when I will be back in my home.  I like housesitting, but cats drive me crazy.  It (Autumn) was better than the night before... but she still meowed a lot.  Yesterday I found some cat barf on the carpet.

I taught the cycle class yesterday and it went pretty well... I didn't get around to making a new playlist so I'll have to do that today.  Today is also payday at the gym.  My first paycheck... I'm thinking I'll be putting that money in savings to pay off my credit card debt.

I have a feeling it might be a bit slow today at work...  It's alright.  I have enough stuff to do.

What else... yesterday I went to Southcenter... I hadn't been there in a long time... I didn't buy anything (what a change?)...

I think I'll go now...   I'm losing my train of thought.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Change of plans.

I have to sub the cycle class this morning so I am not going to spend too much time here this morning.

Last night Sampson stayed with me... he and Autumn went crazy about 3 am.  If I manage to make it through the day I will be surprised.  I'm so stinking tired.

I will be back later (hopefully).  I have to put together a playlist.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pretty good day so far...

I am happy to report that I was down .2 pounds this week.  I was very surprised...  I was thinking I'd be up three or so....

I also found out that I will be subbing the cycle class tomorrow morning so I'm trying to come up with a new playlist... I was all set to do one for Tuesday... oh well... I guess it's more money in my pocketbook.

This afternoon I took Sampson for a walk... my legs are tired...  

I also got my armpits waxed (finally).  They look beautiful again.

I think I'm going to start thinking about dinner...  I've been into curry type things recently... what to do?  what to do???

I'm not ready.

I don't want to hop on the scale.  I have had no regulation of anything I've done this week.  The only bright spot in my future is waxing this afternoon... 

I will post later today - I have to figure out new playlists this weekend... I was asked to teach tomorrow but I already have plans... 

maybe my appointment at Salon Zeka will make me feel better.

Friday, August 21, 2009


It might be one of those days - I accidentally slept in.  Not that that's a bad thing but it gives me less time with my people in the morning.

Did I tell you that I am living in a home without tissue?  There is absolutely no tissue... I have to blow my nose on toilet paper... combine that with a cat I'm slightly allergic to and you can imagine the rest.

Last night I went out to dinner with my friend Debbie - we went to Endolyne Joe's and it was pretty good.... it's nice to go out.  I should do it more often.

What else do I have for you???  Today's agenda is pretty straight forward - work - taking Sampson for  walk... I think that's it.  I know it sounds really exciting - it should be nice to take a walk around the neighborhood with the dog.  Maybe I can get in 4 miles or so... I haven't been to the gym in a few days (since I taught on Tuesday) and it's not quite the same.

Tomorrow is WAXING DAY!  Oh my goodness, you don't know how long I've waited for this.. the torture of being a modern woman and trying to remain cute and hair free.

The weather outside looks grim... I guess I'll have to break out the long pants - that's alright - it will cover up the hair (insert cheesy smile here).

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hello my people!

I actually feel rested this morning which is a good thing.  I brought a fan from my house yesterday and aimed it directly at my body while I slept.  It also worked well as a cat deterrent.  The only thing that happened was Autumn (the cat) jumped up on me as I was dozing off and then a few times in the middle of the night.

Tonight is the first night I don't have anything going on... with the exception of dinner at my friend Debbie's house and Big Brother.  On my agenda this weekend I have to work on Playlists for cycle and I'm getting everything waxed.  I'm really looking forward to that because I can't lift up my arms without the hair blowing in the breeze - DON'T GET ME WRONG!  It's not really unattractive from far away but if you look up close you might not like what you see.  I suppose I could go back to shaving but that's no fun.

I am going to take the bus from West Seattle this morning.  It will be fun to ride another route.  I like being able to get places without my car.  It reminds me of the times in Chicago where I would find some place I needed to get to and then map out a route... Like the time when I made my way to the Shoe Pavilion for Flip Flops and then walked another few miles to a real live mall.  It was one of those good memories...

Finding comfort in things that are familiar is a good thing... that's why I like going to Target, grocery stores and malls... they're predictable, you can find things and you don't have to think too hard about it.

That's it... I'm off like a prom dress...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

short post this morning...

I found coffee (at Starbucks) - made a date with the Chiropractor this morning and have a long day ahead of me.  I'm not looking forward to the end of the day...

It's going to be hot... the only thing I miss about my old office is the variety of warm weather outfits...  

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

No coffee, hoarders and phone numbers.

I am house sitting in West Seattle... I can't find any coffee in the house.  Ack!  this is not good... I'm bound to have a caffeine headache soon.  My friend Debbie (the grandma of the dog and cat I'm watching) is keeping the dog overnight for me the first few days because he needs walks and I'm busy the next few evenings... The cat only woke me up a few times last night...

Last night I watched the premiere of Hoarders on A&E.  It was pretty good.  I am definitely not a hoarder... 

Back in the day (a few months ago when I thought I had money)... I signed up for well, I've been emailing someone and he seems pretty nice.  He asked me if we could talk on the phone.  My first thought was "no, I'm not any good at talking to people"  What if I say something stupid?  I suppose it wouldn't be the first time...  I waited until this morning to send him my phone number...  baby steps.  Nothing is going to change if I don't do things differently.  Right?

I really wish I had some coffee... maybe I'll get ready a little bit early and go buy some on my way.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday is here...

I'm still trying to get used to having this extra time in the morning... I think I'll give myself a few more minutes before I get ready... I slept with Stinky last night - or should I say - she slept with me...

Today I am going to be on my own in the afternoon at work. I'm not too worried about it. I just have to do the things and then I'll get the hang of them...

I get to change passwords for ordering supplies and everything else...

I guess I should go now... I find now that I have my new job I don't have as much to complain about... that's good.

Talk to you all later!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday night with my Stinky...

Tomorrow I head over to my next house sitting gig... I don't mind doing them but I sure miss my puppy when I'm gone. Tonight she got her toenails clipped and a bath.

Cycle class went pretty well today... a few people came up and told me they enjoyed it (including a cute boy I used to stare at when I was just a member...). and no, he's not Mr. Arms... Now that I'm a bit more comfortable with the whole thing I have to expand my musical repertoire so I can mix it up every once in a while...

Okay, what else???? Tomorrow is the premiere of Hoarders! I'm pretty excited about that. If only I can stay up for it. Also, I found out that Chima was evicted by the Producers of Big Brother. Good Riddance!

I guess that's all right now... I'm going to go to bed soon....


I went to dinner last night with my mother. We went to Black Angus because we had a coupon. Let me just tell you that the service really sucked. I've already lodged my complaint with the company... It was a good ten minutes before anyone talked to us at our table... I had to go tell the hostess.... then they got two things wrong on my order... Ice in my water and dressing on my salad... then it took forever to get our entrees...


This morning I am teaching cycle... I made up a new playlist. I hope it doesn't suck. Oh well, even if it does I don't think anyone will notice.

I'm thinking I will go into the studio today and work on things. I don't know what I'll work on but I need to go in. I'll take my netflix movies to watch while I'm there...

Oh, I also tried to balance my checkbook this morning... I think I did it correctly... I think I'll just have to not use the account for a little while and let everything clear and then start over... I had forgotten to write down a few things... maybe it's Alzheimer's...

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday next to Stinky.

I'm back on the sofa where I belong - next to Stinky.

I'm still peeved about the chiropractor not showing up... my neck is still bugging me and my hip.

Today I am headed to ww and then to the gym. I am going to West Seattle this afternoon to get the scoop on housesitting (the next gig)... tonight momma and I might go to Black Angus...

I was in a pretty foul mood last night... I'm better this morning but still a bit cranky.

Here's a picture from the wedding for you...

I guess I should go and get ready..

Friday, August 14, 2009

I am a bit cranky.

My chest is peeling, my chiropractor didn't show up this morning and I'm single.

What more is going to happen??? I should go to the gym but my hip hurts and I'm tired.... My armpit hair is too long (I get it waxed next week...).... blech!

I think I'm going to have to downsize my studio - give up netflix - quit waxing???? NOOOOOO!

Hip hip (it hurts!)...

I'm oh so happy that I'm going to the chiropractor this morning.... I don't think I can take this much longer.

I woke up this morning and found that my sunburn from Sunday is finally peeling. Nothing like having a peeling chest to make you uncomfortable and attractive doesn't it?

It's also payday. That's nice... hopefully I can get my act together money wise now... Today I actually don't have any lunch plans. I took a few frozen things into the office to keep me honest. The second day of work went pretty well.... I am really enjoying it there. I think once I get a hang of all I need to do and all the programs (document management system, timekeeping...) it will be just swell (not that it isn't already swell).

I am going to give myself just a few more minutes and then I need to get up and get ready to go... I like my new job but I'd rather sleep in...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day One.

I am happy to report that my first day on the job went very well. It's a very low key office. Not any drama, people are nice (not that they weren't nice before)... it seems pretty relaxed. I think once I have a better idea of how things run it will be a bit better... but that's the way it is with anything.

I was taken out to lunch to Lola yesterday - it was really really really good. I had salmon kebabs with a greek salad. Today we are going to the Dahlia lounge for a going away lunch for the person I am replacing.

Last night I went over to the house and was surprised that I was the first one there... I didn't actually know that my momma hadn't been home to let Stinky out so when I carried her outside she peed on me... not too much but just enough that I could feel it penetrate both layers of clothing I was wearing. Oh Stinky!

I am looking forward to tomorrow... not only is it Friday (payday) and I can get some money in my checking account (I was dinged one more time for NSF) and I get to see my Chiropractor, and I get to move back home for the weekend. I'm looking forward to sleeping in my own bed only if for two nights.

I think it's time for more coffee...

I'm not used to having all this free time in the morning - yesterday I was really early, I had to sit around Starbucks for 15 minutes and then go to Bartell's to waste time. I was still early. Oh well. I may just have an extra cup of coffee this morning.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sleeping in!

I actually got to sleep in this morning. I hit the snooze button on my cell phone a few times. I am really looking forward to starting on my new adventure today. I got an email from my friend Barb this morning telling me that they wanted to take me out to lunch today so I shouldn't bring my lunch. That's just fine with me... one less thing I have to do this morning.

I have found some spotty wifi service here where I'm house sitting. It's a bit spotty - but sometimes if I close my laptop lid and open it back up it get's a little boost and surges forward. Right now it's not working too well so I'll have to "re-boot" a little before I can actually publish this.

Someday soon I will post some photos from the wedding... did I happen to mention that I got a little bit sun burned while I was there? It's still pretty red.... I think my skin is a bit sensitive because of some medication I've been taking... it's also makes my skin very sensitive. I noticed it last time I got waxed.

I don't want to complain too much this morning... I am going to complain a bit about my achy body though. My neck has been getting a bit ouchy in the morning and my hip/lower back are a bit sensitive to movement (maybe it's the bed I'm sleeping on...).

Okay, I think I will try to get this published for you all... I'll let you know how my first day goes a little bit later.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I have been so busy today I haven't even had time to get nervous about the new job tomorrow.

This morning I went in and filled out my paperwork for the gym and then I headed over to the house to work on cleaning out the mess that is my room.

I was watching Obsession last night on A&E and it was dealing with a guy who was a hoarder.... I don't think I have a hoarding problem... Just a throwing away swiftly problem. Maybe it's because I haven't really moved anyplace ever... it all just accumulates over time. I did manage to huck a bunch of junk...

Tonight at cycle I think sweated off 5 pounds... I'm still trying to adapt my style... I think I may go a bit more mellow on Sunday. I have a lot of music sung by angry white girls..... adapt adapt adapt...

Okay, I have to go watch Big Brother... xo


I got another email notification this morning that my checking account is overdrawn again... it's overdrawn becasue of the 68.00 NSF fee I was dinged....

I need to find a benefactor.... I'm too cranky to say much more this morning.

The only thing that is bringing me any joy is watching Ann on the Today Show.

Monday, August 10, 2009

No Job? No Problem...

I slept in until 7:30 this morning and now I'm watching the Today show. I don't know if Ann is on this morning but that's alright.

I had a good time at the wedding yesterday but it was a long day. I will post some photos a bit later. I don't have my laptop with me so it's a bit hard to do anything with them.

The only downsides to yesterday is that I got a sunburn and once again I ate a little too much crap.

Today is a different day though...

Today I am going to clean up a bit, work on my cycle routines for tomorrow and try to scrounge up enough money to purchase some lose powder for my face (I need it)... Okay, Meredith and Matt are back on, I have to go... Kate Goslin is on the show today too!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Going to the chapel.

I survived yesterday. I was so tired when I got back to the house after the birthday party. I slept pretty well - I fell asleep first while I was watching television and then I finally woke up and went to bed around 11:15. I think I was having a bit of a pitty party for myself last night which resulted in me eating things that probably weren't the best for me. Today is a different day though isn't it.

Yesterday morning I got an email alert that my checking account was overdrawn. That sucks. I keep a 200 dollar cushion in it and that didn't even help. I think I may have to re-evaluate whether or not I need my studio... I haven't been there in a while... I should really go... I like having it but I don't like wasting my money by not using it. There's got to be some way to ballance it all...

Yesterday I also had more interaction with Arms. It's was just a hello.... I should stop being such a chicken and tell him that I am the one who calls him Mr. Arms. Yesterday my sister Melissa gave me some small business size cards that say "I want to have your babies". Maybe I should give one of those to him. She also gave me a litty bitty tiara. That was the most perfect birthday present (I know it's three and a half months past my birthday - she's a bit slow). I've always wanted a tiara....

Today I'm going to the wedding. It will be nice but I think it might be a bit cold... it will be fun no matter what though... I get to see my camp friends and that is always a good thing.

Complaint number 46 - my hip hurts again... It's been a bit tweaky for a few days. I've got a call in the chiropractor to see him Monday or Tuesday....

I think I'll go now and drink my coffee and paint my toenails.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Here I am.

I am not quite all the way here this afternoon... I"m at the house sitting next to Stinky. I think I'm going to try and take a nap.

Went to the birthday party... it was just splendid... tomorrow I go to a wedding.... must sleep now.

Friday, August 07, 2009

It's over....

It's Friday night and once again I am alone... that's alright. I'm really tired. I am going to head out to the gym and work on my cycle stuff. Then I'm going to head over to where I'm house-sitting, take a shower and then probably sack out on the sofa and fall asleep.

My last day of work was fairly uneventful. I spent an extra seven minutes at lunch. OOooh I'm a rebel.

I'm just glad I'm out of there... I'll miss most of the people but it is a little bit backwards when it comes to things.

Here's some nice photos my friend Anne took of my show.

Don't let the door hit you...

Today is my last day at work. I'm kind of happy about it. It's been a stressful time.... I am really looking forward to working in a place where I don't feel like I'm being watched all the time and people like each other.

There has just been too much drama. Maybe I'm just a little bitter... it's hard to want to do a good job when there is no recognition - and bad behavior by others is just ignored.

Oh well, I guess I don't have to worry about that anymore - do I?

I am looking forward to this weekend... cycle (if I can get a spot in the class)... my niece's birthday party, a wedding.... then I get to sleep in on Monday and Tuesday of next week.

This morning I have decided to head out a little later... I will still be to work on time but I'm just not going to be as early as I usually am.

I am pretty happy with the results of both of my shows last night... first, Ronnie was evicted from Big Brother and then Jeanine won So You Think You Can Dance. I was voting for Brandon, but I am okay with Jeanine... just as long as Evan didn't win... he was cute and all but compared to the others he didn't have as much depth.

Okay, I think I should hit the showers and get ready to face the day... even if it's cloudy today it's going to be sunny in my heart!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Two more days....

I only have to get through two more days.... let's see... I'm feeling better than yesterday... I did get a leg cramp last night in the middle of my Crawl Space meeting... it only lasted a few seconds but it sucked...

Lot's of people I know are getting engaged... it's nice that I'll have weddings to go to (even though they make me cry...)... I am going to a wedding on Sunday which will be fun. It's my camp friends Rachel and Sean. It's a country picnic themed wedding... it will be nice to see all my camp friends andto get all dressed up.

The best thing about yesterday is that I got to pick up my pants that I had turned into shorts from Lululemon. They were too long to comfortably wear cycling so I had them cut them off just above the knees.

My neck hurts.... just a little crick... maybe I'll hit the shower and it will feel better...

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

I have internet.

It's slow internet but I have it. I am running behind this morning... It took me a while to figure out how to get the coffee maker going... I slept in too...

Today I am being taken out to lunch by some of the paralegals. Tomorrow I'm going out with a few other people...

I suppose I should go... I don't want to be late to work. But seriously?? what would they do? fire me?

Last nights class went pretty well. I think possibly It was too hard of a workout... I am going to have to add in some new songs into the mix and slow it down sometime...

okay, I'm going to pack it in for the morning...

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

errr.... what am I doing?

I survived my second class tonight... right now my brains are mushy. I think once my head hits the pillow tonight I will be out like a light. There wasn't a microphone so I had to speak loudly. It also took a lot more oxygen so I think I burned about 1300 calories.....

Tonight I am heading over to my house sitting gig. I don't think there's internet that I can get into over there so I am posting tonight.

I am soooo stinking tired.

I'm also doing laundry... I'm zoning... I should go.

Good Morning - the countdown begins...

So... I am sorry to say but I am becoming one of those people who spends all their spare time choosing songs and making up routines for cycle class. This post will be short. I was up a bit before 5 and listened to songs to try and come up with some more drills. I teach again tonight. I think I'll use the same songs as Sunday but maybe rearrange them a bit. Last night the mike wasn't working so that might be problematic... me trying to talk loud and cue and bike... I can do it though... I heard from Holly (my regular instructor) that I did an excellent job and that I was a natural. That's good to hear.

So.... only four more days left of work. Part of me is a little sad to leave but the majority of me is very happy... I think I'm headed for better things.

Oh, back to cycle... now that I am an instructor I can't sign up for classes anymore. That's alright - I'll just have to go at other times and practice my drills.

I think I'm going to go now... I have other things to peruse online before I step on the wii fit and it tells me I'm overweight.

Monday, August 03, 2009

A Recap (Mr. Arms included)

I managed to make it through everything I had to do yesterday without any major hiccups.

First off let's start with the cycle class. I ended up getting to the gym around 9am and went through some of the timing on my songs. When sitting on the instructors cycle you can see the back wall of the gym which includes the door to the men's locker room. As I'm sitting there I see Mr. Arms walk into the locker room to get ready to workout. I continued to write things down when he came out and actually started talking to me. I think he asked me if I was ready and I said something about it being my first time and he said "the only thing you have to worry about it the 20 sets of eyes looking at you". I said "thanks a lot".

Well, class started and I think it went pretty well... I still have to get my queuing down (that's when you tell people what to do and give them fair warning)... I have to be a little less self-deprecating (it's a habit I need to get rid of in all areas) and I need to work on my flow... but on the good side - one of the regulars came up and told me that I seemed very relaxed and gave me a few pointers... he said that some people probably won't like my style (less talk, more action) but some people really will and I might get a good following. A few other people told me that they liked my music and I also got a round of applause when I was done. That was sweet...

During class Arms walked back into the locker room and gave me a thumbs up. aww schucks.

I think I will rearrange a few of the drills before tomorrow night but for the most part I think things were pretty good.

Well, after the cycle class I went down to de-install my show. It took us about two hours to take all the pushpins out of the wall. I got copies of the guest book for my records and I still stymied by the one comment in there that said what a lost chance. That kind of sucks... boooo. I guess a group of kids from the Phinney Ridge Community Center came to see the show last week and they were enamored with the pushpins. I think I forgot how beautiful and simple something can be. I may have to get some good documentation of that piece and enter it into some shows.

Okay, what's next? I went to Red Robin for dinner last night. We celebrated Katie's third Birthday... the most amazing thing that happened though is that I made it out of there without eating a french fry. I had the ensenada chicken platter... a chicken breast with salad... since I had the bout of nervous tummy pre-cycle class I figured I should go with the weight loss effects and eat sensibly.

Today is my last Monday at work... I think I'm going to be busy this week... I need to start packing up some of my belongings... I don't have much to pack though... oh the excitement of my life.

I also start a house sitting gig tomorrow... should be a busy few weeks. I guess that's all I have this morning... I slept like a log last night that was good.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

I am really tired. Katie's 3rd Birthday

I didn't sleep well at all last night. I tossed and turned until 3 and then possibly slept an hour before I headed down to the sofa for another hour or so of sleep.

The good news I think is I'm ready (or at least as ready as I'll ever be....). I have a case of the nervous tummy so I don't think I'll be eating anything any time soon. After class I'm heading down to de-install the show. Momma's going to help me so I'm thinking it will only take a few hours. All those pushpins are going to be hard to take out.

Today is Katie's 3rd birthday. We are going to Red Robin tonight to celebrate.

I think I may close my eyes for a few minutes... see if I can catch a few zzz's

Saturday, August 01, 2009

It's been a long day and it might get longer.

I know in reality everything will go fine tomorrow morning but I'm still worried. Just a tad.

I spent most of the day working on the music and then submitting my entry for the Betty Bowen Award. I most likely won't make the cut because I waited until the last minute to get things put together. (It's an art thing).... at least it will get my work in front of people.

I think I might go to sleep and try to wake up early. I'm sure I'll wake up at the crack of dawn anyway.

I washed dishes at church tonight... it wasn't too bad - but I would have rather been home working on my drills.

I think I'll snuggle with my dog right now... more in the morning


Cycled too much last night.
Too much music on my old laptop - can't transfer to new one...
Not ready for tomorrow (both cycle and de-install).

need I say more?