Tuesday, September 09, 2014

I made it home. I'm back. I'm tired.

Just a quick check in.

I arrived home safely last Wednesday night and started back at work on Monday.

Overall it hasn't been too bad but I'm looking forward to the weekend.

I don't have much to report other than I am slowly unpacking my things and trying to get into the swing of working on my drawings. I worked a little bit during lunch so that's good. I just need to finish unpacking. Hopefully by next week I will not be so tired when I get home in the evenings.

This weekend I have a wedding to attend which will be fun.
it's being held at camp - it's a camp person getting hitched... it will be super fun. I get to deliver the cake because my friend Bonnie is making it.

What else... I only gained 5.4 pounds while I was gone. I am having a bit of trouble getting back into the swing of healthy eating but I am doing my best.

I think I may end up going to bed early tonight. I just can't seem to get enough sleep. I mean I am technically getting enough I am just pooped.

Eventually I will get back into the swing of things, I usually do.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Laundry day

I am coming to you from the Johnson laundromat. 
It has become a ritual to do my laundry on Sunday mornings. I suppose it's as close as I'm going to get to going to church while I'm here. 

Last night we went to karaoke. It was really busy so I only sang a few times. It was fun and I may have to venture out to find a karaoke place when I get back home. 

I have started thinking about my return trip and planning out my route.  I have made one reservation on airbnb for next Friday in Syracuse New York. Other than that I'm flying by the seat of my pants. I am contemplating going from Chicago up to Minneapolis and across North Dakota to get back. That would take one state off my "states I've never been to" list. I had contemplated going through Canada but I think border crossings on Labor Day weekend might be a bit much. 

Overall I am pleased with my time here. I started out doing one type of work but it has morphed its way into screenprinting/drawing. There's just something about the repetition and pattern which is compelling me.  I think I may use the work as a ground for my drawings.  
I don't know, the jury is still out.  

Let me see if I can post some photos for you all...
I'm drafting this on my iPad so I'm not sure how it will work. 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Still Alive

I suppose you all might have assumed that I had gone and pulled a Thelma and Louise type thing.

I have not.

I can't remember the last time I posted but it may have been when I was back in Seattle.. I'm not sure.

All I can say is that I am having the best time ever. Time is passing at the perfect pace, not too fast or too slow. There is a sense of calm and easiness to it which is appealing. I am not looking to make a certain amount of work,  do a certain amount of social things, eat a certain amount things... it's okay. I am doing exactly what I need to be doing and I like it.

Yesterday I got a few messages from home saying that I was missed. I think a few people are worried that I may not come back. don't worry - I will return.

Here are some photos.

Okay, I would post photos but they didn't download from my phone... screw it.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Check out Jeneratorroadtrip for updates

I have started a new blog for my roadtrip
it's jeneratorroadtrip.

I may post here - but it's unlikey. I've been camping at KOA campgrounds and internet is spotty...

I'm having a good time though!

Saturday, July 19, 2014


well, it turns out that I am turning into my mom.  I was awake a bit past 4am... I lingered in bed for a while and then decided to get up and do some dishes.

My apartment is a disaster area. I am trying to pull things out that I want to take with me on the road and it's not an easy task. I know it will all get done, it just doesn't seem like I am going to have any free time to make it happen.

I got my car back last night - somehow they managed to bend the hood hinge and put a dent in it (the hood). Luckily it was all taken care of and washed to boot (they also vacuumed the interior which was nice). It's the cleanest it's been since I've owned it.

Overall I'm feeling good, but a little stressed out about finances. Things keep popping up that are taking money... I'm not exactly sure how I'm going to pay for my rent in September, but I'm sure it will all work out in the end. I just know that I have to do this. I think once I get on the road everything will work out.

I just have to remember to breathe and keep making art.

Friday, July 18, 2014

I'm awake, I might as well post.

Hello there.
Things are coming down to the wire when it comes to getting ready for my trip.

I have started getting my suitcases out, and my art supplies in order. I'm not going to take too many things to work with because I want to keep it open for things to develop on their own.

Yesterday I took my car in for a lube, oil, and filter and when I got it back the hood wouldn't close flush to the car so I have to take it back today to get it fixed....  hopefully it's something quick. This is the first time I've ever had any problem with Honda of Seattle. I'm remaining fairly calm about the whole thing. I have a week before I have to drive 3,000 miles right?

This morning at boot camp we are doing fitness testing to see how far we've come. I'm interested in seeing if I've made any gains since I started incorporating TRX into the schedule.

I ordered a TRX system so I can take it with me to Vermont and work on things (and maybe also train people there and make some $$$)... you never know - it will at least be a good workout for me and enable to teach better if I have time to work on the different exercises.

I guess that's all I have to report.

It's going to be a busy weekend getting things in order and I am going to be attending the Richard Sherman Celebrity Softball Game on Sunday courtesy of my new friend Ingrid (from Boot Camp).

I'm also getting my grey streak covered up... that will be good before I go...

Fun Times!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Ch ch ch changes!

Here is what I know!

Yes, I did wake up before 4am and I am okay with the fact that I am turning into my mother.

I am slowly getting my act together to head to Vermont for my residency... along those lines I am going to be leaving the gym I currently teach at (Vision Quest/LA Fitness) and won't return when I get back. I was thinking that this would happen but it's official now. It's like the end of a relationship, you know it has to end but it's not until you actually pull the trigger that you know it's the right thing to do.

I will also be teaching more classes at Tricycle Fitness when I return. Okay, it's only going to be one more class for a total of two but that's nice. I will be able to spend more time on my personal life and artwork etc... I feel really good about it.

I've got a full plate today... I'm heading to ww this morning (I'm sure I've gained weight this week but that's okay...). I started eating wheat again (read cookies here...) and I am gaining weight again. I am still under my goal weight so that is just fine by me.  I'm not eating too much crap which is good. I can't eat too much crap as it doesn't make me feel good. I will then teach my combo cycle/TRX class. After class I will come back to my place and hopefully clean - yes, I know I always say I am going to do this but this time it's for real. I then have a therapy appointment and then a graduation party.

It promises to be a full day - full of fun and time with friends.

Tomorrow I am going to a TRX certification class at the Pro Club Seattle - I want to make sure I look cute - you never know who you might meet. However, I have been told that it will only be women in my class... BOOO!

Last weekend I went on a good date. We went to the driving range and then the pitch and putt golf course at Greenlake. There has even been talk of golfing again when I get back from my cross-country adventure.

I must admit I am feeling much better overall... life is much more even for me than it was earlier in the year. I am very appreciative for what has happened. Would I like to go through it again? Not really, but I think I'm much better equipped to deal with things now than I was... overall it's been good.

okay - I think that's it this morning... yeah, it's only 5:20am... I am sure I am going to crash at 4pm this afternoon... that's okay. I can always go to bed early if I wish...