Friday, December 02, 2016

Todays Gratitude 12/2/2016

1. I am grateful for an early morning walk with my ww people (my momma was there too and I got two hugs - bonus).
2. I am grateful that my apartment is sort of clean for tomorrow.
3. I am grateful for the Good Life Project and Rob Bell podcast. They are helping me feel less anxious. (although I still am anxious).
4. Grateful for practicing single nostril breathing (I heard Gabby Bernstein on the GLP podcast and found my way to her website... one thing leads to another, single nostril breathing).
5. I am grateful for a football game to watch tonight while I'm working on art stuff.
6. I am grateful for dipping my toe into things and being able to realize when I need to get out so I can function.
7. I am grateful for calculators. I am not strong at math.

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Gratitude Challenge.

I've been doing a gratitude challenge on Facebook since the early part of November. I think I need to share it here as well. I have a lot of emotions since the election and I find the gratitude is helping me not get too stressed out. Spreading the good is important

1. I am grateful for How to Live a Good Life. I ordered a few of the books and disbursed them throughout my people... the iBook version is 99 cents... the sale runs through today but if you're looking for a way to get out of your hole it may be just the thing.
2. I am grateful for getting some boxes of things cleared up from my living room last night. Studio sale is going to happen no matter what - it will be easier if there are no boxes for people to walk around.
3. I am grateful for the sequins that fell all over the place last night.. reminded me of my first year of grad school when embroidering coffee filters was my thing.
4. I am grateful for people who share kindness and empathy. I need to remember no matter what someone believes, if I start with kindness I can't go wrong.
5. I am grateful for podcasts. They expand my thinking and keep the hamsters from running crazy on the wheel in my brain.
6. I am grateful for my church camp friends... it's nice to have a group of people who have compassion, goodness, and a thirst for social justice.
7. I am grateful for love.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

It's been a long time...

Hey there everyone.
I'm still around - I just spend more time doing things that bring me joy other than things that bring me down.

I think I said it before but life doesn't happen while you sit on the sofa. Okay, coffee drinking happens while you're sitting on the sofa... and that technically is part of life.

I don't really know what to report.

The last time I was here was September... I've continued to work on art and the ongoing struggle to keep my apartment clean is real....

I was part of a group show in February in Washington DC. I also got to take part in an artist talk at the Smithsonian so that's cool. Next March I'm off to the Vermont Studio Center again to make things... I've been focusing on printmaking - it brings me much satisfaction.

Last month I counseled at summer camp - it was fun and emotionally fulfilling in a way it hasn't been in a long time. I'm thinking that there are changes happening... not sure what just yet but I can feel it. A bit of a sense of dissatisfaction... but nothing so much to put me in a nervous breakdown state.

I think that's all I need to say... be kind to yourself and to one another. Life shouldn't be hard.

Saturday, September 05, 2015

Howdy Strangers...

Here I am.

I am up early today (which is pretty much the norm these days).

What have I been up to?

Living life I guess.

This summer has been pretty busy... work, working out, teaching, making art, and a trip to Alaska.

Yes, I went to Alaska at the end of July to see a friend I knew from School... it was quite the adventure. If you haven't been to Alaska I think you should put it on your list. It's pretty breathtaking... my only complain is that it didn't ever really get dark -  if you are tired enough you can sleep through anything.

I will post a few photos at the end of this post.

In other news... my friend Jenny and another artist friend of hers and I  have a show coming up in February in Washington D.C.  it's called #thisiswhyimsingle and it will contain my Failed T-shirt Designs for Today's Modern Woman... I'm pretty excited to actually get my work out there again - sure it's work that was started a few years ago but it's still relevant today. Sometimes I guess you just have to go out of your local area to get anything seen...

here's a link to the press release page from Flashpoint Gallery

I have also gotten in to the Vermont Studio Center again - this time for next May. I'm thinking about seeing if I can change it to a later date... With all my travel next year (DC twice,-Hawaii in March) I'm thinking I can't afford to take that much time off of work.

My track record is pretty good when it comes to VSC.

I think I have an 80% acceptance rate which is pretty good... I've never gotten a fellowship which would make me going a no-brainer, but I do think it's worth going if you have the time and financial ability to do so.

I applied under the Painting category this time which is good... considering I"m a sculptor/object maker at heart.

I will figure it out sooner rather than later what to do...

okay, as promised some photos from Alaska....

It was fun... lots of scenery and I went fishing... came back with a lot of Halibut and a lone silver salmon...

I think that's all I have to share now.

Keep doing what makes you happy... I am.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Howdy Strangers!

I am indeed amongst the living.

What do I have to report? Let me see....

I've got a lot going on these days which has me off the sofa and out into the real world (hence the lack of posting to the blog).

I continue to create artwork - I'm currently working on applications for artist residencies, and I applied for a fellowship a few weeks back which I didn't get, but I got some really good feedback on my work. I am going to be heading to Alaska in a few weeks for what I am calling an "Art Adventure"... a friend I know from the University of Washington has invited me up and we are going to spend the week making art and going on adventures. It should be fun. I will hopefully post some photos when it's all over with.

I have a group show I'm in next February in Washington D.C. The press release has not been issued yet so I can't share more than that, but it will be fun.

I am also continuing my early morning workout routine... My various ailments which plagued me earlier in the year have been resolved... only to be taken over my hormonal fluctuations which disrupt my sleep patters but hey, that's life.

I spent a week at summer camp the week before last. It was fun, but exhausting.

Today one of my bosses is getting married so I am going to be getting gussied up and driving to Cle Elum for the wedding (with a stop at Owens Meats to get beef jerky).

Fun fun fun!

I think that's about it....
here are a few more photos of #lunchdrawings I've been working on.


Thursday, April 09, 2015

Woo Hoo.

Hi there...

Long time, no post. I know...

Here is what's happening.

After a long recovery my injuries are clearing up and I'm getting back into the swing of things finally... last night was the first time in a while I haven't taken any sort of medication for my back. I was having muscle spasms for a long while... my back is still tight at times but it's definitely much better.

Art wise things are plugging along. I've been working on some watercolors which please me... I shall share a few with you at the end of the post.

I am gearing up to lead a Young Adult Retreat in June and then counsel at Senior High Camp in July and then work with High School youth at a family camp in August in Idaho. It's going to be fun... I'm looking forward to once again doing things that I want to do over the summer...

I turn 48 in just under two weeks. I'm feeling pretty good about the whole situation... a lot has changed in the last year... for the better.

I don't have much to rant about nowadays... oh, I could rant, but I choose not to. It only stresses me out when I focus on what's wrong and don't appreciate what is right.

Okay - here are some photos of the watercolors... I'm not editing to make them look perfect (cropping etc...)
Go Team!

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Well looky here.

Hi there.
I took a long walk this morning and started thinking about writing... so here I am.

I've thought a bit about why I haven't been updating my blog on a regular basis - here are some observations.

I found that I was focusing too much on what was not working in my life...
I started focusing on what was good and eventually it took up more of my time and I really don't have a lot of excess time to post blog entries about my exploits...

I think I also came to the realization that if I leave everything on the page there is no reason for people to interact with me on an personal one-on-one level... Or perhaps I should rephrase that - there's no reason for ME to interact with others on a one-on-one level...

I'm doing alright, I've got a few aches and pains, but things are going to fine.

perhaps I will post again in another few months...