Thursday, March 07, 2013

Are we sure it's not Friday?

Wicked Brutal.

That's the term that Christie Johnson (local news reporter here in Seattle) just used...

That's how my week is feeling so far.  I am just too busy.

I think a vacation would be nice.  Someplace warm.  I could use a little color in my cheeks.

The good news is that I managed to do the dishes this morning.

Tonight I shall try to get some laundry done if I get home in time...  It's first Thursday and I think it would be good to look at art and try to be social.  You know it's not always easy for me to get out.  I'm okay once I'm out there, it's just hard to get out there.

okay, back to the office.. (or maybe we were never talking about the office)... we're in the middle of construction and I think I"m developing black lung (is that right?)...  no, I think the dust is making my throat sore.

After tomorrow I won't have a desk to sit at.  Let me rephrase that - I won't have a real desk.  I will have a folding table.  Today the cabling to some new temporary offices will take place.  Blech.

Tomorrow I have to be there at 7am.  At least I'm an early riser.

Okay - that was a pretty good rant.  I haven't done that in a while.

I could rant about other things too, but I'll save those things for later.

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