Friday, March 01, 2013


I don't really have much to say today.

I went to my Dad's storage locker yesterday and took out a few boxes.  Man, did he sure have a lot of ties.

He liked his ties a lot....  I'm hoping that someone else in the future will like his ties as much as he did.   I don't know exactly if we're going to donate everything, but I did take a purply striped shirt for myself.

Today I shall work on cleaning up my place a little bit more - it's coming along but there's a way to go.  I did dishes this morning...  I have my art work table up in my living room so that has a bunch of art making supplies on it...

This weekend is interview weekend at SAIC.  A friend of mine I met while I was at the Vermont Studio Center has an interview with the Fibers and Material Studies Department.  I wrote her a recommendation... I'm glad she's got the interview....   when I saw her work I thought she would fit right in.  I told her to say hi to my friend Karolina (the Grad coordinator)... I sure miss her.

Let's all keep our fingers crossed that the interview goes well.

This afternoon looks to be a bit emotional, but good...  a lot of people have a lot of good things to say about my Dad.  It turns out that one of my blog followers children went to Kimball Elementary and had my Dad as a librarian.

I've been trying to thing about the reasons why I haven't been more upset (distraught) about my father dying...  I have come up with the following reasons:

I was always truthful about things with my dad.

I don't have a husband, significant other, or children so I don't have to manage multiple tasks and deal with other peoples emotions.

My longtime camp counseling experiences have helped develop my spiritual life... I have more of a sense of God (or spirit) that gives me comfort that me and my loved ones will be taken care of.

My watching of Long Island Medium (I know - this sounds like a crock).  But by watching this show it has given me peace in that when someone isn't physically here, their spirit still is...

I'm sure there are other reasons...  I would rather be happy for his life than be sad in loss...

I've said it before - there were sides of him that he didn't show to the public - but I love him for all those imperfections as well.

I have to read Psalm 23 today...  I hope I don't mess up.  but if I do it doesn't matter...

perhaps we can start moving on a bit when the day is done...

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