Thursday, February 28, 2013

Not so busy day...

I am taking the next two days off. 

First item of business is to get an estimate done on my car.  Hopefully the process of getting things repaired will go smoothly.

After that I have two immediate options.

Clean my apartment and do laundry.

Sit on the sofa and drink more coffee.

Then later on today I am planning on going over to my father's storage locker and taking some things out of it.  I'm not exactly sure what all is in it - I know there's a bookcase and some records.  Perhaps a few pictures as well.  I know there's a box of clothing that we kept for when my dad moved back into assisted living (which we pretty much knew wasn't going to happen).  I think I will donate those clothes (maybe I'll keep out a nice sweater to wear when I want to be near him)..  He was a big fan of cardigans.

I think I will also work in a workout this afternoon.  My grief induced lack of desire to eat period is officially over.  It's been a carb fest - maybe I already mentioned that...

I visited the chiropractor yesterday - he got my neck back into shape - my headache has gone away.  That's good.

Tomorrow I'm reading Psalm 23 during the service... I have to practice that today...  my dad always told me to go slow and not speed up my  speech...  don't want to let him down.  I also have to make sure I don't read from the wrong version of the Bible... maybe I should look up the Cotton Patch version - that might be interesting (but I wouldn't use it)...  It's the Revised Standard Version for my dad all the way... (I'm double checking that with my sister though...).

That is it today (for now).

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