Thursday, July 31, 2008

Parents just don't understand...

my momma just asked me what I do on the computer all the time... I said, blog, check my facebook page, look for dates... etc...

For the most part I like the warm little thing on my lap... old crusty has done me right...


These unsightly blemishes on my body are bringing me down. I suppose they will all be gone in a few weeks so I can wait it out. It's not like anyone ever sees me up close. (By this I mean staring at my belly)...

I think I could use a massage - yesterday I got a pretty good headache at work, not incapacitating but still bad enough that I needed to take three advil. I think it's all the stress I have at work(yeah, right).

Here is a list of things that are bringing me down this morning;

My bruised toenails.
Pasty white thighs.
Sore shoulders.
Lack of sleep.
Global Warming.

Oh yeah,

and my rash.

Today I have a ww meeting to look forward to and the elimination show of So You Think You Can Dance.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bob my neighbor...

Early this morning at 3:11 I started hearing a pounding coming from outside. At first I thought it was Stinky choking on something but I was wrong. It turns out it's my neighbor Bob working on something in his garage.

My neighbor Bob is bipolar and he sometimes has problems sleeping... Once he forgot to take his medicine and pulled a rifle on a guy working in a neighbors yard... everyone was evacuated and the swat team was brought in.... my mom made it on the news and I had a souvenir tear gas canister shell that was in the backyard but my mom threw out.

Bob thinks my name is Debbie.

I don't think I look like a Debbie.

Okay - so I'm having lunch with Bryan and Matt today and I am going to attempt to take my body sculpt class for the first time since the run on Saturday. I hope I don't pull anything.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I have a fancy new hairdo.

It's not ultra fancy but it's kind of chic. Let's just see if I can replicate it in the morning...

I stubbed my second toe this evening... oh to have second toes that are longer than average... cute but long. I think my toenail will probably turn black... that's the usual course of that type of injury. Then of course it will fall off.

Saturday I have been invited to a Pirate themed party. I was told that I shouldn't dress like a parrot if I want to meet men. I thought it sort of sounded like a good idea. Oh well... I'm trying to convince my lovely assistant Kristen to go with me.

If I was a parrot I could ask to sit on peoples shoulders...

aye aye aye...

My legs still feel wobbly.

Life must not be that exciting if all I can talk about is my legs.

Let me see.... let me see....

Matt, Bryan and I are having lunch on Wednesday, we're going to discuss the film and finding me a husband.

I suppose I don't need a husband - just someone to hold my hand would be nice. Is that too much to ask for? I suppose if I really wanted to find someone I could, but it would require too much effort.

Okay, next thing... I have to come up with a post card for my show in Chicago... I'm thinking I should have a tag line like... one woman's journey to become famous without trying too hard. or something like that.

what do you all think? Let me know...

Monday, July 28, 2008

Hello Monday! How are you?

I can move a little bit better, but not by much. If you go over to Jenerator Running you can see my results from the Torchlight run. I took two minutes off my time this year. I even walked a few times during this years run - so I've probably improved even more than that.

I wish I hadn't forgotten my voice recorder though... maybe I would have gone slower though if I had been using it.

This week is not going to be as busy as last week... the only thing I have going is a haircut tomorrow and my niece's 2nd birthday on Saturday (I bought her an excellent present on Saturday night at Uwajimaya - but I can't tell you what it is yet... let's just say that it has a very cute feline on it).

So, it's not going to be as warm today and tomorrow as it has been... good, maybe some of those hoochie mammas will cover up a bit...

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Things don't always go as planned.

I managed to run last night, but I forgot my digital voice recorder so I couldn't record it. I did wear my big ass GPS locator and might have sucessfully tracked my course, we'll have to wait to see if I tracked my route correctly.

My legs aren't working so well this morning so I might not go to cycling.

I am trying to get everything in order to get my prints done... I'm sitting at Crawl Space this afternoon so I can get things in order... I may stop by half price books and pick up some more dvd's to watch while I'm there.

It's raining so there might actually be people stopping by...

So let's see... that's about all I've got this morning...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

What am I doing?

I decided to cycle this morning, take a body sculpting class and now I think I'm going to run an 8k race?

I'm going to run with a rash...

I have a lack of motivation...

Friday, July 25, 2008

Heartrate Monitor/GPS here I come!

I am expecting my new heart rate monitor to arrive today. I sure hope I can figure out how to use it by tomorrow night's torchlight run.

Speaking of the run I need to find a nice outfit that covers up my rash. It's sort of spreading to my legs now. I love viruses...

Speaking of viruses, I have one in my version of Microsoft Work. I downloaded a virus scan, and I know how to check for viruses, I just don't know how to get rid of it....

I love technology, I just wish I knew more about it.

Okay, next subject. I have found someone to print my images for the show in Chicago and things are falling into place... I've bought my plane tickets and now I just have to find a few people to sit at the gallery when I can't be there. Now if I could just find a boyfriend.....

Oh, last night Will was voted off SYTYCD. I will miss looking at his abs....

Thursday, July 24, 2008


I missed posting this morning. I decided to sleep in a few extra minutes and it was worth it.

Today was fairly uneventful - well, compared to yesterday that is... I almost died on the bus ride home.

I was on an articulated bus when it hit a little rough patch on the road. The back of the bus started oscillating back and forth... it was out of control... people screaming - it was just like a movie. Luckily It didn't tip over because I was wearing a dress and I didn't want to be found in the wreckage with my dress up over my head.

It was very exciting. I was in the front of the bus so it wasn't too bad for me... It was sort of like severe turbulence on an airplane.

Anyway... Now I'm home, safe on the sofa...

more tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

That crazy Mary Murphy.

I am watching So You Think You Can Dance and Mary Murphy (a judge) is just wacky! I'd post her photo but that would take too much energy.

My rash is getting worse. I'd take pictures and post them but then you'd have to have your corneas removed.

Maybe I'll go to bed soon...I'm exhausted.

Let me see...

I fixed the clock so it didn't chime the past two nights.

I went to the Mariner's game and scored twice. First I was only charged for the price of the chili cheese fries when I ordered a chili cheese dog and then I got on the diamondvision right before the ninth inning rally.

Now I'm back at home with stinky on my lap...

I'll get back to a more regular schedule of blogging later...

Monday, July 21, 2008

How do you get...

How do you get a grandfather clock to quit chiming??? This I want to know before I try to go to bed this evening.

I am going to the Mariner's game tomorrow night. I want to be well rested so that I can troll for men!

I'm sorry I'm not more interesting - but It's because of a lack of sleep.

More interesting post tomorrow. I promise.

I'm here...

I am watching my friend Bill's cat Rex. He's a bit loud... but not as loud as the chiming clock in his living room. Every half hour....

Tonight I'm wearing earplugs!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hello Pityriasis Rosea!

I have a virus called that (pityriasis rosea) which is common in people ages 6 - 35 (okay I'm a little out of the age range)... it will go away on its own within 6 - 10 weeks. Good thing no one is going to be looking at naked (at least that I know of...).

I got a phone call from my lovely assistant Kristen inquiring about my health. It's nice to know that someone cares about me.

The photo up above is what it looks like (sort of)... my "herald" or "mother" patch is much more impressive than the one in the photo and I don't have as many smaller patches just yet. It's like the mother alien of all the patches and its spawn spread over the torso....

Now you all have learned something new. I'm off to expose myself to the sun to help elieviate the itching (although I don't really itch that much).

Crampy, itchy and gassy.

The rash on my body is getting worse... I am going to go to the walk in clinic today and see if I can get a diagnosis. Hopefully it's not life threatening and they can give me some drugs and ointment. I should have gotten it checked out sooner... I'm turning into one of those people who is too busy to take care of themselves...

Yesterday I ordered a watch slash heart rate monitor slash gps locator to help me with my running/artwork. It supposedly interfaces with Google Earth and Google Maps and I can download the data into my computer (I think) to keep track of it all. Hopefully I will get it by Saturday's Torchlight run.

Okay, back to the rash... I'm trying to decide if I should go to cycling and then go to the clinic or just go to the clinic.... I should probably work out so in case I'm admitted to the emergency room I will have gotten at least one thing done.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Unsightly Blemishes...

I have a few marks on my belly... they don't hurt, but they aren't going away. I'd post a picture and let you all diagnose it for me but the biggest one is right under my boob and some people might find that offensive.

I've been meaning to get it checked out but I haven't had time... maybe it's a fungus - or cancer, or an allergic reaction.... I should just bite the bullet and call the doctor I guess.

Today I am sitting at Crawl Space - you should all come see the show. I am trying to figure out which movie I should take to watch while I'm there. After that I am heading home... I know, I lead an exciting life.

Friday, July 18, 2008


I succumbed to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I bought two pairs of shoes. One pair of tennis shoes for the gym and another pair of red flats. I heart shoes.

application time!

I have decided to apply for a few upcoming things. I'll just cross my fingers and hope that everything works out. It will do me good to get into the practice of applying. I am going to apply to the Northwest Biennial Here is the link if you want to apply yourself! I have to say that I should probably start working on something new so I have new images.

I am going to be sitting at Crawl Space on Saturday so maybe I can update my resume and artist statement while I'm there.

I think I'll try to find a good movie to watch while I'm there as well.

Only one more day left to work and then it's weekend here I come!

Okay - I'm in the zone when it comes to arranging my show in Chicago. I'm going to pull the trigger and hopefully get airplane tickets in the next few days.

I will keep you all updated. Now I guess I have to get ready for work.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

It's been a long time coming.

I am FINALLY coming to you from my sofa in the living room!

I actually had the patience to look for and follow the instructions to reset the modem and get the extreme base station reset.
Now I can come to you all the time.... I know you are all excited aren't you?

I know I am.

Tonight I stopped by Isaac Layman's opening at Lawrimore Project. It is beautiful. I told Isaac if he wanted to he could give me a piece of his work. I don't think he's going to give me anything - it never hurts to ask though.

Getting back to my wireless capabilities though... now I can post pictures and links to other sites in a more efficient manner - and the best part is it's all from my lap! (well, not my actual lap, my laptop on my lap).

I think things are going to be looking up.


I feel like I'm going to be hurting.... I finally went to body sculpting and core class last night after a few weeks hiatus. I don't hurt a lot now, but I think I may soon. I have developed a beer belly without the consumption of beer.... argh.

Today I get to do the phones for a little while. I don't really mind too much. They don't usually ring off the hook so that's good.

Tonight I am going to the opening of Isaac Layman's show at Lawrimore project. I really like his work - he took photos at my sister's wedding as well, a multi-talented fellow he is...

you should go check it out. I tried to rally my friends to go with me but they all declined. I guess I'll just have to go by myself.

I'm beginning to feel anxious about getting stuff done for Chicago. I just have to pull the trigger and get it done... I have sent a shout out to my Crawl Space friends to have them give me a pep talk. ARgh....

Oh! and congratulations to Karolina! you might remember her from my chicago posts... she got a job teaching at SAIC / intro to fibers and material studies and weaving. it makes me wish I would apply for teaching positions...

Yay for her.

I better get going, don't want to be late to answer those phones.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Rants I can't remember...

I've been thinking of rants I want to make every so often but now I am drawing a blank.

So... work is work, and I don't particularly like to talk about it too much - but I just have to say one thing. People should not question my integrity when it comes to how I conduct myself at work. I can't really go into specifics, but someone is under the impression that I have questionable ethics. They are just wrong. I know I am not a saint in other areas of my life, but at the office I can be counted on. I know it's just because this person doesn't know me that well - I just have to let it go - it still makes me cranky though.

I guess that's it. A short post this morning.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Try not to panic.

I woke up this morning starting to worry about getting everything put together for my show in Chicago in September. I know I will get everything done, it's just in the back of my mind I start worrying. I don't think it would be so bad if it wasn't all the way in Chicago and I didn't have to schedule people to sit, ship my things, and worry about installation etc.

Arrgh! I still haven't figured out how to set up my airport extreme base station.... it's making me cranky. I didn't even try yesterday. It's just too aggravating.

Okay, enough misery for a while - I did manage to sign up for the torchlight run. I also had my friend Chris search out some gps locators/heart rate monitors to incorporate into my art/running practice. Now if we could just find me an artificial knee to replace my bum one that would be great.

It would look like that!

My sister and niece are staying with us the next few days so I should probably get into the bathroom while I can.

I'll try to quit worrying.

Monday, July 14, 2008

I don't think I'm ready.

Not ready to greet the day that is...

My body is a bit sore and I don't really want to go to work. I suppose a lot of people don't like going to work but they do it anyway. I would rather go swimming and lay around outside. Now you know for me to choose to put on a bathing suit is a big deal - it just seems more appealing to me right now than filing papers.

Did you hear the news? Angelina had her babies Saturday night... Vivienne and Knox. I'm sure they're pretty good looking babies, although I think Suri Cruise is pretty stinking cute for a celebrity spawn and may take the cake. Who knew such freaks of nature could have a cute child.. oh, who am I kidding - her parents are both pretty good looking. I should be talking about Nicole Kidman's baby - Sunday Rose. I'm sure she(Nicole) got the better part of the deal in her marriage breakup (that Keith Urban sure is attractive!).

So, after spending Saturday evening with Mike Bray and his wife Anya It makes me want to get my act together and apply for teaching positions. I just have to get off my butt and do it. It would be nice to be in an institutional setting... I printed off what I need to do in order to apply for the pool of art people at WWU. It would at least be a start I think. I'm too old to be sitting around waiting for things to happen to me. Right?

I should probably go now. I don't think swimming is in the cards for me today.

and I still can't get my airport express base station to work - that makes me cranky.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

What's it all about?

Happy Sunday morning to you all.

I must admit I'm sort of feeling like a dud in general (I know that I'm really not though...). Last night the opening at Crawl Space was pretty low key... not a lot of people showed up, but the caliber of people was grand.

At one point everyone was talking about different artists and I felt a bit out of the loop... I mean I get the art magazines and I try to read about what's going on but I somehow still feel inadequate.

There, I've said it. I feel inadequate.... I know, I could tell you all you ever wanted to know about where to get the best cinnamon roll or rotisserie chicken in Seattle - but to talk coherently about the art world I'm not so good. I guess I don't talk much about art because I don't want to look incompetent - It's easier to just not say anything.

Okay, I guess I should just focus on things that I am good at... like going to cycling and registering for races. I'm going to sign up for the Thorchlight run again this year. I think I'm in better shape and I might shave some time off my results. Now I just have to find a good outfit. Maybe I should go over the top when I dress up so It will distract from the fact that I'm not a strong runner. Oh, also while I was at camp I managed to mess up my digital voice recorder so now I may have to get a new one.

Now I'm off to work on the thin thighs... Later.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

I have just one word.

and that's CRANKY!

I am still trying to figure out how to set up my wireless base station and it's not working.

I am going to cry - but not until after my brow waxing and massage appointments this afternoon!

Friday, July 11, 2008


Last night I went out and bought an airport extreme wireless base station so that I could finally come to you from the sofa. For the life of me I can not get it set up and it's bugging the crap out of me.

I love technology, but I hate it at the same time.

I am happy to report that the big squishy squishy went just fine. I don't understand why some people get so freaked out about it. Now I just have to wait for the results... my x-ray tech Felicia told me not to freak out if they called me back.. In some cases they call people back if they've never had it done before - they just have no baseline so they have to redo it

Okay, next subject - summer attire and what you should not wear as a woman with large breasts....

The weather in Seattle the past few weeks has been pretty nice, the only problem is that I keep seeing women well past middle age wearing these shorty sweater like contraptions that cover up just their boobs with a knot or a tie in the center.

This is what they look like in some fashion or the other.

My complaint is that older women who are really endowed and have large mid sections are wearing them as well.... the majority of the ones I see are not big enough and they look like they belong to a pre-pubescent teen!

OH MY GOD! What would Stacy and Clinton say from What not to Wear??? It is not attractive - sure, I have suffered from bad fashion a few times in my life (I used to wear fancy sweat pants at work and tried to pass them off as real pants - but I was really fat back then...) but it was never as bad as this.

Maybe I'll take the camera out sometime soon and try to get pictures.

If I ruled the world there would be some sort of dress code.

And don't get me started about proper work attire.... let's just say - if you want to get anywhere you dress for success, not a bar room brawl.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sleeping in.

I slept in until 6:00 this morning. I know you're probably wondering if sleeping until 6 really can be considered sleeping in. Yes it can.

I have my "appointment" this morning... I'm assuming everything will be just fine. Hey, what's a little temporary discomfort in exchange for the peace of mind of knowing something's not growing inside me.

Now that I can talk about the grant and I have the money in the bank account I need to get my images re-printed and framed for my show in September. Aye yay yay! I guess that's what it means to have the life of an artist.

Hey! I get to watch a bit of the Today Show this morning! Things are looking up!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


so... my big news is that I got a grant.

Someone actually gave me $1,500 to get my I heart Ann images framed.

If you go HERE you can read my profile. Since it contains details about the other thing I'm not really supposed to talk about on my blog I just let you all do the digging and figure it out yourself... okay that was a very long sentence. I guess that's why I make art and don't edit manuscripts.

Well, I guess I should go to the gym. I don't really want to.... it's too nice outside...


I can't tell you the news yet because there was a delay... I am a rule follower for the most part so I feel it is important to have that integrity. I will tell you all as soon as I can. Some of you know already - but I just can't broadcast it yet.

I am tired as usual. Yesterday I was wandering through the garage looking at my things from my studio... I need to start making things again... I don't know if I need to make things or if just thinking about them is going to be enough... It would be nice if I could find a place to make things that I could afford (damn those student loan payments!)...

it would also be nice to have an apartment of my own.. a 41 year old woman living with her mother??? I know it's alright... I get along really well with my momma but I don't want to end up on an episode of Cops where they have to come in to break up a disturbance - and they find fifty assorted small furry animals that are my "boyfriends" because I had no luck finding one on my own.

That last comment leads me to the next thought.... online dating websites.... I have a profile up a few places and sometimes I get emails asking if I want to get together for coffee... I just can't pull the trigger when it comes to responding to these people. I AM A BIG CHICKEN! For someone who can go to the Today Show everyday and talk to celebrities I don't know what my problem is...
I think maybe I'm still in love with the idea that I should just randomly find someone on the street and fall head over heels in love with them but I know that's not that easy...

Oh well... I guess I should get going....

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The waiting is the hardest part.

I have my good news to tell everyone but I have to wait.... arrrgh!

Sometime today I will let the beans spill...

Work went well yesterday - it wasn't as backed up as I thought it might be. The weather is good today, I have a selection of skirts to choose from (I heart wearing skirts)... and I think I got rid of all my chin hair the other day (whew).

I let Stinky sleep with me last night so I didn't get a full night of sleep - she's a bed hog.

These two woman have the same name as me... the second one is a real estate agent in colorado...

I am happy it's Tuesday! Make sure to put on sunscreen and keep your outfits in check!

Monday, July 07, 2008

the big squishy...

Okay, I realize that people of all ages read my blog and this may be a touchy subject but I am getting my first mammogram this week. I realize that some people may be uncomfortable with me talking about it but that's just too bad.

Here is a link telling about them.

I won't go into graphic details - but I won't shy away from anything....

Let's see! What else is happening this week??? oh yeah, I have to go back to work. And I have to start thinking about getting things together for my show in Chicago in September. Being at camp reminded of the things I love most - being a goof ball and creating things. And dancing spontaneously.... Oh yeah, while I'm thinking about it I would like to thank my friend Karen for sending me mail while I was at camp. I got more mail than any of the counselors! ha ha ha!

I guess I should wrap this up and get ready to face the world. I think I need to shave my legs so that may take a few extra minutes.... blog to you later.

oh wait! We have an opening at Crawl Space on Saturday ... it's Michael Bray - he's from Eugene! Come and see him 6 - 9pm.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

I think I feel better (or worse)...

I slept a ton last night. so much so that my body hurts now. I'm thinking I should unpack at some point - I've just been too exhausted to think about it.

A bunch of campers (okay four out of 61 or so) have requested to be my friend on facebook. Some of them already were my friends so my percentage is better... I feel so wanted.... Sometimes it's hard to realize the affect (effect?) you have on someone... they all have rubbed off on me (I'm using rubbed off because I don't like misspelling words...).

Today the plan is to go to the gym and then sit at the gallery for the afternoon. Maybe I should work on something while I'm there... like applying for a show or a teaching position or something.... Camp always reminds me that we should be doing what we love and what makes us happy... making art and teaching it makes me happy. I just need to do it more often.

When I got home yesterday there was a letter from the doctor. All my test results are good (if you know what I mean).. and they put down my weights from my chart. My highest weight on record was 184 in 2001. I can't even really remember what that was like.. I remember being really uncomfortable - I am really good at comforting myself with food. I saw it even at camp... I did do a lot exercising but I also ate a lot of extra helpings.... I'm okay with it though... I'm just going to have to get back on track now.

I guess that's it for now.... it's good to be back (but bad as well...).

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Three hours of sleep is not enough.

I'm sitting here in the lodge. Some of the counselors stayed up all night... I know from past experience that that strategy does not work for me. I got three hours and I'm trying to function... I was told I could go back to bed, but what's the point...

I will post sometime this evening or tomorrow for you die hard fans out there.

Up above are pictures of my tree.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Update from old lake flora!

So, I'm past the midway point of camp and I have to say it's going pretty well. No major disasters yet... only a few injuries.

This is the first year in a long time that I haven't had a lot of things weighing heavily on my mind so it's kind of nice. I've determined that I'm a bit of a dud sometimes. There's nothing wrong with being a dud - I've become used to the idea in fact.

Screen printing has gone pretty well. No major catastrophes so I'm thinking we may have a winning project here.

Two of my friends from high school have kids here at camp. Yikes... it makes me feel really old (and barren??? no - barren is not the word... un-reproductive is the word I'm looking for if there is one).

I decided to opt out of boot camp this morning. Yesterday I did boot camp, turbo jam and yoga... I think I need a break. My shoulders feel like I've been wearing really big hoop earrings from back in the 80's. You remember those don't you? The ones like Paula Abdul's from the straight up video? I know you do.

On today's agenda is a service project for the camp, finishing up the olympics and a talent show tonight.

Now I just need to find a camper to give me a back rub (or a counselor... don't want any inappropriate touch to happen...).

I guess that's it for now. Maybe I'll go make some friendship bracelets...

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Camp day two.

I'm sitting here thinking about going to boot camp (we have a personal trainer amongst our staff)... I'd rather just sit here and drink coffee.

Yesterday was good. I am looking forward to spending some time outside of the art room sometime in the next few days so things are looking up.

The only problem with camp is that I don't eat enough roughage. No need for me to explain more.

Well, I have to go to boot camp.